Zoho Targeting Salesforce’s Customers

Nov 4, 2015 | General

Who says you can’t have a little fun with your marketing efforts?  Recently in San Francisco during Salesforce’s premier event, Dreamforce, Zoho launched a guerrilla campaign at the Powell Street station, the hub of the conference.  With Zoho signs all over the station, it would have been impossible for commuters going to and from the event to have not noticed them.

Why Zoho is better than SalesForce

In case you are wondering, Zoho is sending strong messages targeting Salesforce customers. “Your Salesforce discount code: ZOHO” is based on the fact that Salesforce is many times the price of Zoho.  Another message here is that Salesforce continues to lose money every year, despite spending over half of their revenue on sales and marketing effort, while Zoho is profitable. Hidden message: Do you want to buy software from a company where every $1 you spend with them, they spend most of that dollar on selling it to you?

In case you are interested, here’s a little background on Zoho. Their Zoho CRM has been around for nine years.  They have a strong family of well respected, reasonably priced apps that include sales, marketing, email, project management, social media, support, survey management, finance and recruiting. All Zoho apps are delivered via the cloud, not requiring any onsite installation. Many of these apps are integrated with Zoho CRM providing a business operating system for your company.

Zoho Helps Salesforce Customers at Dreamforce

OK, back to guerilla marketing, Zoho did this on a more grandiose scale in 2013 when they helped Salesforce’s customers get around San Francisco.

Why Zoho is better than SalesForce

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