Zoho Runs on Zoho

Jan 8, 2018 | General

Zoho runs on Zoho. What a simple statement. Simple, yet profound. And if you know Zoho, like we do, you wouldn’t be surprised. So what does “Zoho runs on Zoho” really mean?
First a little background on Zoho. As I wrote in a recent blog, Zoho has been around since 1996 and today has over 5,100 employees, 30 million users in more than 125 countries producing and supporting dozens of business apps. Now that you have the context, what “Zoho runs on Zoho” means is that as a company they exclusively use Zoho software to run their entire business. Stop and think about that for a moment. Could you say that in your company? How many software vendors are you buying from torun your business? Profound.
At Zoho every employee uses Zoho Office apps including Mail, Cliq, Connect and others. Others use specific apps required to do their jobs like CRM, Projects, Books, People, Desk and Reports. Zoho has built hundreds of custom apps using Creator, a tool unlike anything available from other vendors. A tool you can use to create your own Zoho applications. They use no applications from the software vendors that are pervasive in larger companies like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle or Microsoft. (BTW, do you think these companies are exclusively using their own apps? No, they aren’t!) None of this is surprising if you understand Zoho, where software is their craft.
Why? First the value, Zoho functions at the highest level without any out of pocket costs for software. Even if they paid themselves to use Zoho One, it would cost $1.8 million. A fraction of what it would cost to use just the most basic versions of the major office suites, and those apps would be lessfunctional than Zoho One.
The next major reason is integration. Zoho apps are all written in the same language. They are designed to integrate with each other. Do you have that with the various software packages you’re using today?
Finally, Zoho is running on Zoho to test their apps in real situations. The odds are that Zoho will find a bug before their customers will. Having been in the CRM industry since 1994, I can tell you our customers would see significant value in that. Finally, the use of their own products drives rapid innovation since they are the ones to reap the benefits.
So, would you like to run your company on Zoho? That option is out there with Zoho One. Zoho One is a bundle of 35+ Zoho cloud and mobile applications integrated under a single account with central administrative control and designed to run your entire business. And you would be surprised at just how affordable this solution is. If this is something you would like to explore contact us today at 866-880-4228 x116 or email. As a Zoho One Certified Consultant, AspenTech CRM has the skill and experience to explore the potential of Zoho One with you.
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