Zoho Reaches 1,000 Extensions Milestone

Oct 6, 2020 | General

Zoho Marketplace has reached a huge milestone; it now features over 1,000 extensions over 18 different Zoho products! This means there are likely ways for you to make your business, sales, and/or customer service processes more seamless.

Make your business processes flow smoothly between systems! With extensions covering over 40 business categories, you can improve your customer service, automate tasks and business processes, build workflows driven by your system, and increase efficient collaboration. There are extensions within accounting, marketing, sales, e-commerce, inventory, infrastructure and more.

Are you in a specialized industry? Don’t assume there isn’t something that will help you too. Check out the long list of verticals that are covered by custom apps by visiting here. (https://marketplace.zoho.com/verticals)

Here are a few of Zoho CRMs top rated integrations:


Category: Marketing

Pricing: Free

More Information: https://marketplace.zoho.com/crm/sms-magic

Key Features:  

  • Two-way SMS and MMS conversations, featuring a simple interface that empowers reps to quickly deliver rapid sales responses and service resolutions with SMS templates.
  • Automated compliance management, auto-responses, personal profiling, surveys, scheduling and SMS campaigns.
  • View an entire history of all conversations, across Zoho modules, within each record. Users share a 360˚ history of every record’s messaging conversations, to give each buyer a personal touch.
  • Track & analyze responses, manage Sender IDs, receive delivery reports and opt-outs.

MySQL Easy Sync for Zoho CRM

Category: IT and Administration

Pricing: Paid

More Information: https://marketplace.zoho.com/crm/mysql-easy-sync-for-zoho-crm

Key Features:  

  • Automatically creates MySQL data structure and keeps the data up to date
  • Saves API request by sending up to 100 CRM records per API request
  • Schedules synchronization of Zoho CRM modules data to customer’s MySQL database

Zoho CRM Integration for QuickBooks Online

Category: Finance

Pricing: Paid

More Information: https://marketplace.zoho.com/crm/zoho-crm-integration-for-quickbooks

Key Features:  

  • Effortlessly import and synchronize your QuickBooks Online information with Zoho CRM
  • 3 levels of pricing to suit your specific needs
  • Key information sync: invoice date, due date, payment date, paid statuses, paid amount, etc.
  • Easy to implement and affordable breakthrough pricing in the Start package


Visit Zoho Marketplace home to find the extensions that are right for you. https://marketplace.zoho.com/home

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