Zoho PhoneBridge: Integrate Zoho Apps with your Phone System

Oct 12, 2018 | General

Zoho PhoneBridge: Integrate Zoho Apps with your Phone System

As much as technology enables fewer personal interactions, we know that good old-fashioned phone conversations are still important for many businesses. Instead of avoiding the phone, advance your phone technology! Utilizing Zoho PhoneBridge, you can connect Zoho applications with your on-premise or cloud PBX phone system. Zoho PhoneBridge connects CRM, Desk, Recruit and other applications to popular PBX systems like RingCentral, Twilio, Ringio, Jive and more.

Zoho PhoneBridge and Zoho CRM Integration

At the core of many businesses is your CRM and we’ll focus on the Zoho PhoneBridge to Zoho CRM integration there. Once integrated, dial easily from CRM by simply clicking the phone number of the contact you wish to dial:

Zoho PhoneBridge with Zoho CRM Integration

Following a call, easily add details to the record of your call and schedule your follow-up:

Zoho PhoneBridge with Zoho CRM Integration

Get screen pops for inbound phone calls, displaying a brief “business card” view of the contact and enabling you to quickly and easily access the full contact record:

Zoho PhoneBridge with Zoho CRM Integration

Made calls, received calls, and missed calls will all be easily logged in your CRM (and some providers even include the ability to attach recordings of phone calls):

Zoho PhoneBridge with Zoho CRM Integration

For more information, including a complete list of supported providers and a demo of Zoho PhoneBridge in action, check out the help doc.

At AspenTech CRM, we work with hundreds of companies each year to ensure their customer connected teams are functioning at the highest possible level, enabled with the tools and data they need to constantly improve their performance. For more on how to leverage Zoho PhoneBridge and improve your bottom line – give AspenTech CRM a call today at (866) 880-4228 or click here. Happy calling!

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