Zoho One: The Operating System for Your Business

Oct 2, 2017 | General

Zoho One: The Operating System for Your Business

Ask any business owner and they’ll tell you that managing software for their business is time consuming work. Yet well running software is critical to being successful in business! The dream of one operating system for your entire business seemed implausible and out of reach – until now. In May, Zoho CEO and co-founder, Sridhar Vembu shared his company’s vision for releasing an “operating system for businesses.” His vision became a reality with the release of Zoho One.
Over the last 13+ years of developing applications in the cloud, Zoho has been on a steady march deploying highly effective, sensibly priced enterprise apps. They have offered smaller suites in the past, such as CRM Plus and Workplace, but now they have released the ultimate business platform, Zoho One. Zoho One includes more than 40 integrated business applications as well as 40+ mobile apps for Android and iOS in one central system accessible through a single sign-on. 
And the exciting part, the price is just $1 per employee per day. As Zoho’s chief evangelist Raju Vegesna says, “We are targeting anyone who does work.” Zoho wants to take scarcity out of the equation, so that organizations can have access to all the software tools they need. At the same time with the breadth and buffet approach, Zoho is competing with Google, Microsoft, NetSuite, Salesforce and Intuit.

How does this impact you? 

How many different software applications do you use?  Think about the many different software applications you have today and each of them from a different software vendor that you have to interface with for purchasing and support. Applications have upgrades, add-ons, multi-year contracts and usage restrictions that have to be managed.  Each application has its own sign in. Applications aren’t integrated and data can’t be shared, so employees re-enter the same information over and over. Applications are expensive, so licenses are rationed and not everyone has access to the information they need. All of this changes with Zoho One.


Zoho One simplifies the buying process:

Zoho One includes applications for sales, marketing, customer support, accounting and inventory management, hiring, HR management, as well as communication and collaboration tools and more. All the applications are integrated with contextual data. Across your organization, with Zoho One, you play one price, then users could have access to 10, 15 or more apps depending upon their requirements. 

Zoho One simplifies the integration process:

While all of the apps in Zoho One have existed for individual purchase, what Zoho has added for Zoho One is hundreds of seamless integration points and a single point of access. Now data, including customization to meet your business requirements, will flow easily between applications to where you need it. 

Zoho One simplifies the deployment process:

Zoho One includes an admin panel which is the key to implementation and management. Using the admin panel administrators can configure individual access, giving users access to only to the apps they need. Admins can enforce security settings like two-factor authentication or can delegate control to service admins in departments or groups. 
Zoho One is available today. If you want to give it a test, you can start a free 30-day trial of Zoho One by clicking here. At AspenTech CRM, we can answer your questions about how Zoho One can eliminate the software maze you have in place today. Call us at 866-880-4228 to schedule a free consultation with a CRM specialist.