Zoho Michigan Users Group Recap – October 2019

Oct 7, 2019 | General


Zoho Michigan Users Group Recap – October 2019

On October 1st, the Fall Zoho Michigan User Group meeting was hosted by AspenTech CRM at our offices in Novi, Michigan.  A group of 20+ Zoho users, from a variety of industries and with differing levels of Zoho knowledge, gathered to learn, share and discuss best practices using Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns. The AspenTech team was joined by Zoho subject matter experts, Senthil and Santhosh.  We spent the afternoon on CRM customization best practices and the attendees are armed with the knowledge they need to tweak Zoho CRM for their unique businesses and processes.  

Points of interest included:

  • Tracy Sorrentino, with AspenTech CRM, focused the group on managing users, controlling user access, permissions and customizing layouts within the CRM.
  • Senthil walked us through nurturing leads and using automation to develop lead nurturing workflows
  • Senthil also presented tips on prioritizing leads using lead scoring rules and designing a blueprint to replicate business processes.
  • Santhosh showed the group how to maximize customer engagement with SMART email marketing using Zoho Campaigns. The goal is, always, to deliver the email straight to a recipients’ inbox.
  • Using reports, Santhosh then summarized the recipients’ actions related to the email campaign (i.e. Did they open the email?  Did they click on the link?)

Zoho Experts (Senthil and Santhosh)
  • Additionally, the Zoho Community was introduced and users were shown the wealth of resources available to them.

If you were able to attend this month’s Michigan Zoho User Group meeting, Thank You!  We appreciate your attendance! 

Whether you were able to attend the meeting or not, we encourage you to contact us about Zoho CRM and/or Campaigns and how they can benefit your organization.

The next Michigan Zoho User Group meeting will be early 2020.  Keep watching for details and don’t miss an opportunity to network with the Zoho and AspenTech experts!


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