Zoho Introduces New 2020 Features

Jun 22, 2020 | General

Zoho Introduces New 2020 Features!

Zoho’s been busy developing new features aligning with three principle themes:

Insight (know your customer) 

Experience (personalize their experience)

Intelligence (anticipate their needs)


  New Features

The highlights…….

Segmentation is subdividing your clients/customers into subsets based on common attributes (location, products/services, etc.).  Once segmented, data analysis can then target specific traits that can be used to market accordingly.
Webform Analytics will track performance based on visits, submissions and conversion rate.  Have you ever wondered how your webform performs once it’s associated with your website?  From the data produced provide webform improvements where they’re needed.
Marketing Attribution analyzes your campaign touchpoints to identify which marketing channels are most effective and which are not.
Zoho CRM Analytics App Analytics on the go!  Access dashboards based on your CRM data right from the app.  You can view report data and drill down to open records used to create the report.  Available for Android and iOS users.
CommandCenter  We use Blueprint to create steadfast processes within a single module in Zoho CRM.  Now, let me introduce you to COMMANDCENTER! This new feature allows us to create online business processes that span across multiple modules.
Wizards are a powerful feature that break up unwieldy and long forms into a series of smaller components.  This step-by-step approach offers more control and less confusion to the user.  Wizards also provide the ability to save the form as a draft before submitting.
Review Process You can now set up a review process to have data manually reviewed for accuracy and validity.  This provides a custom level of quality control which results in clean and accurate data.
Multiple Sales Pipelines for businesses that have different sales processes.  Customer records can be moved from one sales pipeline to another quickly and efficiently.  Available for all versions of CRM.
Workflow for Emails  We an now create a workflow rule associated with incoming and outgoing emails.
Zia just got Smarter!
Prediction Builder can be used to create custom business predictions based on standard or custom modules.  A great feature for forecasting and predicting whether your deal will be won or not.
Recommendation  Based on behavioral patterns, previous purchases and common attributes, Zia will analyze customer data and recommend products or services.
Data Enrichment  Have Zia automatically populate data into your Leads, Contacts and Account modules from your incoming email.  Data such as contact information, activities and email intent can now be captured.

In 4 short months, we have seen a lot of change.  We at AspenTech CRM hope that you are healthy and safe.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Zoho for their support, as well as all of our Zoho users and customers.
With offerings that include, remote work options, Cliq enhancements, video conferencing updates, numerous blogs to help maximize work from home time, business relief offerings, crisis-related templates, Covid-19 dashboards and the Partner Zoho Inspire certification training we have been able to successfully manage our business, support our customers and engage in professional development opportunities throughout the pandemic.
As a proud Zoho Partner, we’d like to congratulation Zoho on a job WELL DONE!
If you’re interested in speaking with our team about how Zoho can change your business for the better, please contact us at 866-880-4228 or info@aspen-tech.com.

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