Zoho Desk New Features

Apr 11, 2023 | General

Zoho Desk New Features

The Zoho Desk development team has been busy rolling out great new features in the program. We’ll discuss each of these items in more depth below:

Here is the official release notes for Zoho Desk changes.

Check out the webinar we held in December which covered some of these topics:


New user interface

The Zoho Desk team did a complete overhaul of how Desk displays for users. You may see a prompt to “Try New Version” on your header bar. Go ahead and check it out. Not sure you’re ready? No worries, you can click on your user image and just below “Sign Out”, there is an option to “Switch back to the old version.”

Brand new Instant Messaging channel

Converse with your contacts on popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, or WeChat. Reply directly in Zoho Desk. Choose wether to create tickets or not. Learn more!

Guided Conversations chatbot

Setup a chatbot guide to pre-screen client questions or concerns, collect relevant information, suggest help articles, create tickets in Desk and much more. Learn more!

User display and accessibility settings

More options to make Zoho Desk work well for every user. Regardless if it’s just a change in font or night/dark theme or if it’s a need for accessibility features for the disabled, Zoho has added a lot of new options to tailor-fit the experience to that particular user’s needs. Change the way Zoho Desk appears or browse accessibility options for those with disabilities. To get started, click on your user image in the top right. Then select Preferences. Learn More!

Desk data backup

We’re particularly happy to see this new feature. Having a local backup of your data is important to your peace of mind. This feature is currently in a public beta. Note: only the owner of the Zoho Desk application will have access to this. As of today, 4/11/23, this feature is still in beta testing.  You can request early access by emailing support@zohodesk.com. Learn more!


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