Zoho CRM New User Interface Explored

Aug 29, 2016 | General

In late July, 2016 Zoho released a much anticipated new User Interface (UI).  AspenTech’s webinar explores all aspects of these changes.  This is more than a ‘facelift.’ This will provide your sales marketing, customer service and management teams a CRM tool that is more productive through efficiency, automation and innovation in the new Zoho CRM.

Businesses need a management solution that that is capable of meeting these complex needs but is also easy to use and accessible anywhere.  The new Zoho CRM UI, offers more options to streamline your processes and quickly get the results you need.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about these benefits as well as tour the system, in detail, including:

  • Layout changes on the module detail screens
  • Enhanced dashboards and home screen
  • Dramatically easier search capabilities and automation
  • Multi-page layouts
  • Email automation and analytics
  • More ways to communicate with your team, and much more!

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