Zoho CRM Canvas Views – The Next Generation of Layouts

May 31, 2023 | General

Zoho CRM Canvas Views – The Next Generation of Layouts

Zoho CRM’s Canvas provides you the ability to create attractive and intuitive layouts that your users will love to work with. Choose from a variety of templates or build your own. With Canvas you can reorganize screen elements for efficiency and space optimization. Additionally, you can use alternate colors, fonts and other design elements to create the perfect layouts for your CRM. Read to learn more about Zoho CRM Canvas and how you can put it to use for your team.

Want to make your layouts fit your unique company needs? CRM Canvas editor is your new tool.

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What are Canvas Views anyways?

Zoho Canvas allow you to custom-design or tailor-fit how your CRM layouts look for your users.  You can move your fields around to make for more efficient use of space or less scrolling.  Create tabbed views to organize your sections.  You can even have fields in multiple places.  You can also created different Canvas views for different types of users in your organization (assignment based on Profiles).

A traditional CRM layout on the left and a CRM Canvas View on the right.

Does Canvas replace layouts? (no and yes)

The short answer is no and yes. It is no, because you will still use the layout editor to design the table structure of your database (modules & fields). You will still use the layout editor to create or edit modules, create or edit fields, or change picklist values.

The yes aspect comes into play for how  those modules and fields are displayed to the users.  Canvas layouts “piggy-back” off of the normal layouts you create. You can choose which module(s) use the normal layouts versus a canvas view.  You can also choose while profile(s) use  the normal layouts versus a canvas view


Some Examples of Canvas Views

Make layouts that make more sense for your industry


Maximize screen space and minimize scrolling


Show your users what they want to see front and center

(even related lists)


Create unique views for different user profiles

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