Zoho CRM Blog Series – Zoho Professional Edition CRM Features

Aug 22, 2015 | General

Zoho Professional Edition CRM

Zoho Professional Edition CRM is the most popular version of Zoho CRM.  The Professional Edition offers advantages that other CRM platforms simply do not and for a great price.

Build Your Team Together Zoho CRM

Businesses need to stay on top of everything, every time, all the time. As a business owner, a lost lead is money out of your pocket. By implementing a state of the art, strategic CRM system like Zoho Professional Edition, you can bundle your call center, your sales team, and your production department into one synchronized team. You’ll be able to:

  • Incorporate customer support cases and solutions
  • Add inventory management including products, price books invoices, purchase orders
  • Incorporate a Microsoft Outlook plugin to record outbound emails or link incoming email to contact records.
  • Create time saving macros
  • Create assignment rules for workflow management
  • Add Zoho PhoneBridge for call centers using Twilio, Ringio, Avaya, Asterisk and Elastix
  • Synchronized Google Calendar and Contacts.

Company-Wide Collaboration

Your teams need to connect. Marketing, sales, procurement, and management – everyone needs to be on the same page.  Zoho Professional CRM lets your teams collaborate that includes the ability for your team members to access feeds on site or in the field. For example, if your sales teams are presenting a new product to your clients, like a new line of camera lenses, access to your available product inventory is all in one place – products organized by serial number or other ID source; price books; even information on your sales from quote to purchase order to invoice. Your procurement teams can access this information as it becomes available, so there’s no lag time in communication.

Integration With Social Media Platforms

Zoho Professional CRM Edition offers complete social media account integration.  Important aspects that clients share with us about this version of Zoho CRM are:

  • It lets you capture leads from Twitter and Facebook, two of the biggest social media platforms in existence.
  • When promoting company services and products, you can interact with the leads and contacts that best respond to each broadcast.
  • The ability to target social media postings and messages to best resonate with those who are interested.

The result of these features allows for the gathering information on potential leads and brings your message to the forefront. And, because it’s integrated with your CRM, the data you receive is seamlessly integrated with the Zoho CRM platform.

Zoho Professional Edition CRM – Stepping It Up A Notch

A growing small business can easily leverage the power of Zoho Professional Edition to become a more productive and efficient organization.  Everyone in your organization will be able to serve your clients at a higher level with Zoho Professional. To download the complete listing of all the functionality available in Zoho Professional Edition CRM, click here.

If you’re ready to get started with your free trial of Zoho Professional Edition account, just click here. Once your initial free account is set up just go to the top right hand side of Zoho and click on “Try Other Editions” and select Zoho Professional Edition.  If you haven’t switched to a paid version after 15 days, your Zoho CRM database will revert back to a perpetual Zoho Free version which you can continue to use.

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If you have questions about which edition of Zoho CRM is right for your organization, give us a call or email at 866-880-4228.
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