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Aug 18, 2015 | General

Missing Puzzle Piece - Zoho Free CRM Edition

Are you just getting started in your business and need to find the right CRM?

How do you know what’s right for you?

What do you currently use for a CRM solution while you work through what you need?

The Missing Piece of the CRM Puzzle

At AspenTech Consulting Group, Inc., our clients look to us for answers.  Finding the right CRM can be a daunting task.  For new businesses, or, for users that are new to CRM databases, we suggest trying the Free Edition of Zoho CRM.

Determining The Value of “Free”

Anyone can offer you a “free” product, but is even a free product worth it if it doesn’t give you the value you need?  Let’s say you are new to using a CRM system and need to manage customer lists and orders. You aren’t sure what you need quite yet, but you know you don’t want to start from scratch, or use multiple platforms. You want a streamlined system with everything in one place – leads, orders, reports, and marketing information.

Upgrade When You Want

Zoho Free CRM Edition puts you in the driver’s seat and it never expires. Add your co-workers, you can have up to 10 users in the free edition.  You can use the platform for free while you decide what features you need and when you need them. When you’re ready and your business has expanded, you can try out the expanded CRM platforms (Standard, Professional, Enterprise and CRMPlus) within the Zoho family for free for 15 days to see which is right for you.  And Zoho makes it easy.  Just go to the top right hand side of Zoho and click on “Try Other Editions” and your and select the version you would like to try.  Your free version will get upgraded immediately.  If you haven’t switched to a paid version after 15 days, your Zoho database will revert back to the perpetual free version.

Free Zoho CRM License Features

Zoho Free CRM Edition offers you customer information in a polished design. Like every Zoho CRM product, Zoho’s basic design has an easy-to-understand workflow so you can gather the information you need when you need it. Such as:

  • Mobile availability – Download the free Zoho CRM mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) to help you and your sales team stay on the go with your new, growing business.
  • Standard reports – you want to process your information but don’t want to spend the time deciding how you want that information to be explained. The free version of Zoho CRM offers basic reports that let you know only what you need to know.
  • Limited social media integration – useful integration for entry level social media marketing activities.

When To Upgrade to Zoho Standard Edition CRM

Zoho Free CRM edition is a wonderfully useful too.  It is a simple, basic CRM platform.  However, you may find that the following types of features become necessary for your business that triggers the need to upgrade CRM licenses or versions:

  • Customization
  • Sales forecasting
  • Auto-responders for emails and email broadcasts
  • Inventory management
  • Monthly database backup

With the free program, you can try other versions of Zoho CRM for free and then upgrade to that version should decide it’s the right one for you.  When these moments happen, the Zoho CRM experts at AspenTech can help you do this seamlessly.

A True Definition of “Free”

With Zoho CRM free really is free. Not free for a limited time. Not free, but give us your credit card information.  It’s simply free.  And, you can have up to 10 users on your free account.  It’s a great way to get started with an integrated CRM platform.  Sign up for your free Zoho CRM account here.  To download the complete listing of all the functionality available in Zoho Free CRM, click here.

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