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Aug 22, 2015 | General

Zoho Enterprise Edition CRM System

Zoho Enterprise Edition CRM is THE premier CRM system package.  When you want to know everything about your business, your clients, and your potential clients then Zoho’s Enterprise CRM system is the ultimate tool.

Profile of a Company That Uses an Enterprise CRM System

You’ve got a lot of different departments with different needs all working to satisfy your goal – making sales and keeping your customers happy. You want to integrate all your business centers – sales, marketing, customer service and management – and keep track of who is doing what in one place. By keeping everything securely connected through Zoho’s Enterprise Edition CRM, you can track each email campaign, see who’s responded, check the sales order and even look at the invoice to see who has an outstanding bill.

Zoho Enterprise CRM Examples

  • For example, let’s say your company sells machines and wanted to track detailed machine specifics, such as serial numbers or expiration dates.  Zoho Standard and Professional CRM systems will let you re-purpose an existing module – changing Cases into Machines.  But the Cases module isn’t designed specifically for Machine data and there will be limitations.  Zoho Enterprise gives you the complete flexibility to create multiple custom modules that work best for your business case (no pun intended). You can create these modules to fully leverage your customer data and gain efficiencies by interacting with the standard modules available on your CRM platform.
  • Zoho Enterprise CRM removes limitations that exist with other CRM platforms, allowing for greater accommodations in creating the right workflows. In order to optimally manage workflow, you can create custom functions, set time-based actions, and even determine case escalation rules. This will save you time, and remove redundancies. As an example, let’s say you want to automate sending a warranty expiration notification to a customer 30 days before the warranty expires. At the same time, you can schedule a task for a user to call the company for warranty renewal follow up. You can send up to 1,000 emails each day, and include auto-responders to your contacts.

Zoho Web Forms Help With Lead Generation

Integrate your website with your sales and customer service system by using web forms that translate immediately to leads, contacts, or service requests.  You’ll receive instant notification, so you can quickly contact a potential client. For example, your web form will gather the information from an interested client. Instead of navigating several different dashboards to gather and disseminate information, the data is seamless integrated into your Zoho Enterprise custom dashboard.

Zoho Creator Turns Dreams Into Reality

Zoho Enterprise Edition allows you to integrate Zoho Creator into your CRM.  Zoho Creator enables you to build custom apps for your unique business with a drag and drop builder. Use your creativity to create the app of your dreams with the information and processes you want and need.  Functionality like this is not available in any other CRM near the price point of Zoho Enterprise CRM

Core App’s of Zoho With CRM Plus

What is CRM Plus and why would you need it if you have Zoho Enterprise? With Zoho Enterprise, you’ve already eliminated all the restrictions of the other editions. CRM Plus puts all of Zoho’s core business apps together in one attractively priced package.

Most Zoho customers use a combination of other Zoho apps in their business management.  Zoho apps include such heavyweights as:

  • Zoho Campaigns – Expands email marketing capability to reach and interact with your prospects and customers.
  • Zoho Reports – Extensive reports on your CRM and other company data sources to gain data-driven insights on your sales performance using KPIs and smart dashboards.
  • Zoho SalesIQ – Observe website visitors, initiate live chat sessions to convert them to prospects.
  • Zoho Support – Deliver full-fledged customer support capability across multiple channels, languages and time zones to your CRM
  • Zoho Social – If serious about going Social, this tool lets you create, schedule and deliver your content to your audience.
  • Zoho Projects – Incorporate project management to track, plan and collaborate on client deliverables in your Zoho CRM.
  • Zoho Survey – Full service conditional survey tool to gather opinions and analyze results.

Each product, by itself, has its own benefit and application for your business, but it also has its own monthly subscription price. CRM Plus bundles all these apps together for a single, affordable monthly price per user. Once you start using these apps, you’ll gain access to all the core tools you need to manage your customers across their lifecycle. To review a complete outline of CRM Plus, click here.

Getting started with Zoho Enterprise Edition CRM

To download the complete listing of all the functionality available in Zoho Enterprise Edition CRM, click here.  If you’re ready to get started with your free trial of Zoho Enterprise Edition account, just click here. Once your initial free account is set up just go to the top right hand side of Zoho and click on “Try Other Editions” and select Zoho Enterprise Edition.  If you haven’t switched to a paid version  after 15 days, your Zoho CRM database will revert back to a perpetual Zoho Free version which you can continue to use.

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