Zoho CRM Automations to Boost Productivity & Efficiency

Jan 3, 2024 | General

Zoho CRM Automations to Boost Productivity & Efficiency

At AspenTech CRM, automation is one of the primary ways we help our clients. Whether you’d like to integrate an external system, push data from one CRM module to another, or implement a custom business process, the team at AspenTech is here to assist. Below you’ll find more information on smart automations we’ve recently implemented for our clients that have resulted in significant boosts to productivity and efficiency, as well as allowing our clients to accomplish more with less resources.  If you’re interested in learning more about how AspenTech and Zoho can automate your business, please read on or contact us.  

In addition to this blog, please review our recent webinar recording on the same topic:

Lookup Fields and Push / Pull Automation

Lookup fields in Zoho CRM allow you to associate records between modules.  For example, Contacts and Accounts have this relationship automatically in your Zoho CRM instance. On each contact record there is a lookup field called Account Name.  By choosing an existing account from the lookup of accounts provided, you are linking that contact to an account.  

Once the contact and account relationship is established, you may want certain information to move between these records.  For example, if that account is a customer, you might want to see that value designated on the contact record as well.  By doing so, anyone viewing the contact will know they are a customer and your contacts can be more easily segmented for marketing purposes.  After all, you market to the contacts in your CRM, not the accounts.  

You might do something similar with fields for Industry, SIC Code, Revenue, Number of Employees, addresses and/or phone numbers.  Instead of updating individual contacts anytime this information changes, you can update it one-time on the account record and rely on the automation in Zoho CRM to push changes to all of the related contacts.  

Not only is the automation faster and more efficient than a user conducting the same task, it is also more reliable.  Consider additional scenarios like a new contact at an existing account or an existing contact switching accounts.  Instead of relying on users to know which information needs to be updated on each record, the automation can automatically pull account values into a new contact, or one that has recently switched to a new account.

Mapping Lookup Fields from Zoho Forms to Zoho CRM

If you’ve employed lookup fields in Zoho CRM and are also using Zoho Forms, there’s a new feature that allows you to capitalize on the relationships built in CRM, while capturing data via a Zoho Form.  Traditionally, if you send a Form from CRM to a contact, you have the ability to write data back from the form submission into the originating contact record.  But let’s say you want to send a form from the contact but have it associate to a different module when the data returns to CRM.  

An example of this might be reviews and feedback where you initiate a request for a review or some feedback based on a training they recently attended.  You could do this with a form, but you’d typically initiate that from the contact – after all, you need a person on the other end to fill it out.  When this data comes back to the CRM, you’d like it associated with the event that was being reviewed – not the contact itself – which is the default behavior of the CRM and Forms integration.  Lookup Mapping between Zoho Forms and CRM allows us to do exactly what we need.  With Lookup Mapping, you can utilize a value from a Form to “lookup” and connect that record to other records in the CRM via the existing Lookup fields you’ve defined there.  If you’d like, we can also take this a step further by building additional automation that would create new records for those that don’t match and then connect them.

Easy Automation Across Applications

It’s important to have easy integration capabilities across the various applications you use.  Zoho Flow is an integration platform that allows you to connect various applications and automate complex business tasks without coding.  If you’re familiar with Zapier, this is Zoho’s take on a similar application.  The advantage of Zoho Flow is that it is now built-in to Zoho CRM.  While there are thousands of possible scenarios for how you could use Zoho Flow in CRM, here are a few to spark some ideas:

Zoho CRM -> Zoho Cliq

When a CRM contact opts out of your email marketing messages (Email Opt Out is selected), a Cliq message is sent to your Marketing channel.  

Zoho CRM -> Zoho WorkDrive

When a new CRM record is created (i.e. a Deal), a new custom WorkDrive folder is created to house the related documents.

Zoho CRM -> Zoho Desk

When a CRM Deal closes, a new ticket is created in Desk for the Onboarding Team to engage with the new customer.  

Zoho CRM -> ???

Is there something else you’d like to connect with Zoho CRM?  Zoho Flow has over 850 apps to integrate with, most of which are not Zoho’s apps:

CRM Automations

Zoho Writer Integration Tasks

Another way to streamline processes and save your team manual effort is to automate document creation through Deluge’s Writer Integration Tasks.  Documents like proposals, quotes, contracts, project plans, certificates, invoices and receipts can all be created instantly from Zoho CRM and delivered automatically to the location of your choice (email, cloud storage, e-signature, etc.).  

Zoho Analytics Instant Sync

Real-time analytics can be critically important.  With Zoho CRM’s reporting and dashboards, what you see is accurate in real-time based on what’s in CRM at that moment.  Zoho Analytics is a powerful integration to consider when you’d like to utilize more advanced dashboards components and reporting tools.  At best, Zoho Analytics typically operates on an every 3-hours (or more) synchronization.  Our developers recently solved this problem utilizing Zoho Catalyst and created an “instant sync” for Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics.  As records are added / edited in CRM, they are instantaneously synchronized to Analytics for real-time reporting and dashboards. 

Need Help? Don’t Have Time to Do It Yourself?

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