Zoho Campaign Updates for September 30, 2022

Sep 16, 2022 | General

Zoho Campaign Updates Effective September 30, 2022

Many Zoho Campaign Users are receiving emails and seeing notifications in their Zoho Campaigns application indicating that they must migrate to the latest version of Topic Management by September 30th, 2022.

What does this mean?

  • You should switch to the new topic configuration prior to 09/30/22
    • This will add the new Topic Management structure to your Manage Topics tab
    • This will add functionality to associate and filter by Topic
    • For more information, click here
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  • Effective 09/30/22 each Contact in your Zoho Campaigns application should be associated with one or more Topics
  • When creating an email campaign you will be required to select a Topic to associate with your Campaign
    • Contacts associated with the same Topic will receive the email

Why is Zoho doing this?

To help make email marketing more effective!

  • Topic management is designed to facilitate emails going to contacts based on their areas of interest
  • Each Contact can be associated with one or more topics 
  • A Contact can manage their topic preferences via the Manage Preference link in the email footer of the Campaign email, as well as Unsubscribe from the organization marketing
  • For more information click here

Zoho has also announced an update to the Zoho CRM – Zoho Campaigns integration

Here’s a preview:

  • Syncs will now be configured based on the following modules only:
    • Leads
    • Contacts
    • Custom Modules

Accounts and Deals modules will be synced by way of their association with the previous modules. There’s no need to sync them separately.

  • All syncs will be immediate
  • There will be no more Syncs based on criteria or views
  • Contacts will now be designated as Marketing or Non-Marketing Contacts
    • Marketing – the Contact will be included in email marketing
      • Zoho Campaigns pricing will be dependent upon the number of Marketing Contacts there are in the Campaigns All Contacts database
    • Non-Marketing – the Contact will not be included in email marketing
      • Zoho Campaigns pricing will not include Non-Marketing Contacts
  • NOTE: For Zoho Campaign applications that are shared with Zoho Marketing Automation, the migration process is still in development. An extension has been granted and there will be more information coming soon.
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Although the CRM – Campaigns integration update also has a 09/30/2022 deadline, there is an option to extend that deadline to 10/31/2022. Deadline has been extended to June 30, 2023!

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