Zoho and The Power of the @ Mention

Jun 8, 2021 | General


Zoho and The Power of the @ Mention

Known commonly as the “at” sign or “at” symbol, and less commonly as ampersat and asperand, this frequently used character can be found with the number 2 on a standard U.S. keyboard.

Today, one can find the “at” sign commonly in email addresses (Andy.Smith@gmail.com) and on social media, where it’s used to tag specific users in social media posts.

@ can also be used as a substitute for the word “at” in everyday conversation, i.e. “meet me @ the corner @ 7pm” and in an array when computer programming “my @numbers = (“one”, “two”, “three”, “four”, “five”);”

According to Smithsonian Magazine the @ symbol’s history is a bit of an enigma. Some say that the origin of the symbol was advanced by medieval monks looking for a shortcut while transcribing manuscripts. Others believe it originated as an abbreviation of the words, “each at” (with the letter “a” being enclosed by the letter “e”). Example: 4 items @ $1.00 (= $4.00)

In 1971, a computer scientist by the name of Ray Tomlinson used the inconspicuous @ symbol to string together an individual’s name and the name of the computer they were using to send a message through a network called Arpanet. a predecessor to today’s internet. Tomlinson was looking for an infrequently used symbol on his typewriter keyboard and stumbled upon the @.

Today, major social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram allow users to tag others by typing “@” and a user’s name to deliver information to other users. Teamworking applications like Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams, and Zoho Cliq also use the @ symbol to directly notify other users.

Zoho has heightened the value of the @ symbol by implementing it across the Zoho platform. Referred to as an “@mention” it is used to draw someone’s attention to a high-priority conversation or message. This method of sharing information promotes collaboration among team members, facilitates clear expectations, and enables reliable communication.

What Zoho applications utilize the @mention?

Applications that utilize:

  • Status Updates,
  • Feeds,
  • Comments,
  • Notes 

Some Zoho applications include:

Zoho CRM Zoho Cliq Zoho Desk Zoho Docs Zoho Sprints



Who can I @mention?

  • You can mention application Users, Roles and Groups

How do I @mention Users, Roles and Groups?

  • Type the “@” symbol before the name of a User, Role or Group
    • Example: @Theresa.
    • As you type the name, Zoho displays a list of suggestions from which you can select

Individual User in Zoho CRM Notes:

Assignee role in Zoho Sprints:

Groups/Teams in Zoho Cliq:

How does a tagged user get notified?

  • Notification via email:

The @ symbol used to be little-known, but it has since taken on a powerful and unique role. The character is now linked with a person’s digital identity and can be used to transfer information in a variety of ways electronically. Zoho’s application of the @ sign takes communication to a whole new level by making it easy to collaborate and tag a User to deliver data. No more missing details on chat boards or missing comments in documents. 

The implementation of that little @ symbol has revolutionized the way we communicate, socialize and relay information!

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