Your 2018 Business Resolutions – Revisited, Part 2

Aug 1, 2018 | General

Your 2018 Business Resolutions – Revisited, Part 2

Last week we looked at different ways to use the data in your CRM to evaluate your current business and make changes to create a more profitable organization. This week we’ll look forward – what can you do to really bring your business into the future?

5 Steps To Meet Goals in 2018

  1. Experiment with something new. Especially if you’ve discovered that the first half of this year is< running behind last year. Yes, this may make you anxious and take you outside of your comfort zone, but trying something new may be the best option. And the best new ideas often come from conversations with your clients, suppliers and employees. Don’t forget to track this new effort in your CRM so you can evaluate its effectiveness later.

  2. Leverage your brand. Distill your “secret sauce,” that special something you bring to your clients that others don’t. Go back to last week’s resolution #4 and figure out the profile of your ideal client. You are tracking these characteristics in your CRM, aren’t you? When you combine your secret sauce with your target client profile, you are ready to gear your marketing to that segment.

  3. Expand your marketing. Insanity is . . . you know, doing the same thing and expecting different results. Don’t neglect all aspects of marketing available to you – traditional, email, telemarketing, and social media. Don’t be timid, try a new marketing approach, especially if it makes you stretch. Keep yourself on the growing edge and keep refining your marketing as you find things that work. And remember, your CRM should help you implement all aspects of your

  4. Turn on the referral faucet. Even if you’ve embraced LinkedIn and Facebook, face-to-face is still important to close new business and get referrals. Using data from your CRM, take a look at who referred clients to you last year. What clients have relationships with the same referral sources? A single coffee or lunch with a “center of influence” or vendor could lead to many new clients.

  5. Shift your brain. For resolutions to occur and goals to be met, everything must start with an internal shift of your mindset. Resolve that the glass is once again half full and keep your mind free from self-doubt, worry or fear.

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