Who Doesn’t Like Free Act! Stuff? Part 4: Activity Re-assigner by Keystroke

Nov 12, 2018 | General

Who Doesn’t Like Free Act! Stuff? Part 4: Activity Re-assigner by Keystroke

Since Act! was founded, over 30 thirty years ago, countless developers have made apps to extend the core capabilities of Act! In this blog series, we are focusing on some great 100% FREE apps that you might like. These free apps are AspenTech CRM tested. Follow our blogs to find more Free Act! Stuff posts.

Free Act! Add-on – Activity Re-assigner by Keystroke:

Use your Act! calendar heavily? Have employee turnover? Need to shift the workload from one employee to another? If those original employees have a lot of activities on their Act! calendar, it can be a bear to manually one-by-one reassign each of them to the new user. Activity Re-assigner reduces this process to a few clicks.

Using Activity Re-assigner

Simply go to the Task List view and select the activities to be re-assigned. Right-click with your mouse. On the drop-down, click “Reassign Activities to another user.” On the pop-up window, select the new user from the drop-down list. Hit “Re-assign” button on bottom to let it run.

Download & Installation Information:

  • All Act! versions*: click here.
  • *At this time, we are not aware of any version restrictions
  • It is required for Act! to be closed before installing this add-on.
  • There are other tools available in this download. However, you can choose just “Activity Reassigner” as in the picture below.

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