Who Doesn’t Like Free Act! Stuff? Part 3: Email Address Lookup by Exponenciel

Oct 31, 2018 | General

Who Doesn’t Like Free Act! Stuff? Part 3: Email Address Lookup by Exponenciel

Since Act!’s founding over 30 thirty years ago, a cottage industry of developers have made apps to extend the core capabilities of Act! In this blog series, we are focusing on some great 100% FREE apps that you might like. These free apps are AspenTech CRM tested. Follow our blogs to find more Free Act! Stuff posts to come.

Free Act! App – Email Address Lookup by Exponenciel:

Are you doing a lot of email marketing and want to lookup bounced or opt-out emails quickly? Using a third party emarketing service like Constant Contact and you want to lookup your opened/clicked emails quick in Act!? Have a list of emails from a trade show and want to see quickly who is already in Act!? This app provides the ability to create a lookup of records in Act! based on a list of email addresses. Either type in the email addresses directly or import them from a text file (one email per line) and click the Create Lookup button. Schedule follow-up activities for sales people or mass-update fields to track opt-outs. However, you can use this for any purpose you find relevant!

Download & Installation Information:

  • Act! v19-20: click here 
  • Act! v2010 – v18: click here
  • Note that this app will only work with the installed version of Act!. Exponenciel does not design apps for Act! for Web at this time.
  • If multiple users need access to this app, you will need to install it independently at each user’s machine.
  • While not always required, it’s always a good idea to close Act! before installing any app. 

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