Who Doesn’t Like Free Act! Stuff? Part 2: GUID2Field

Sep 12, 2018 | General

Who Doesn’t Like Free Act! Stuff? Part 2: GUID2Field

Since Act! was founded, over 30 thirty years ago, countless developers have made apps to extend the core capabilities of Act! In this blog series, we are focusing on some great 100% FREE apps that you might like. These free apps are AspenTech CRM tested. Follow our blogs to find more Free Act! Stuff posts to come.

Free Act! Add-on – GUID2Field:

Importing and exporting data a lot? Especially, exporting to Excel, cleaning the data, then wanting to import it back into Act! onto the original records they came from? This can be a process that leads to an uncontrollable amount of duplicates. With GUID2Field, you’ll never worry about matching to the correct records during re-import to Act! again. This is a gem used regularly by Act! Certified Consultants.

Using GUID2Field

Many users may not know that Act! has background system fields that are hidden. Each and every record in your database has a Unique ID (UID) number that is created when that record is created. GUID2Field allows you to see and use those UID numbers for your own purposes. This is normally used when exporting and re-importing data to ensure 100% correct matching. GUID2Field allows you to view UIDs for Contact, Company, Opportunity, or Group records.

Note: This app will require an Admin/Manager level user to create fields to house your UID data on your Contact, Opportunity or Group records. Run the add-on (Tools Menu) before each export and then make sure that new UID column is on your exported Excel file. As with any import scenarios, we always recommend doing a backup of your database (File > Backup > Database) just in case!

Download & Installation Information:

  • All Act! versions*: click here 
  • *At this time, we are not aware of any version restrictions
  • GUID2Field is in the category of an Act! administrator’s tool and should be installed on their respective computer. This is not the type of tool that needs to or should be installed on all users’ computers.
  • While not required, it’s always a good idea to close Act! before installing GUID2Field.

Have an Act! project you want assistance or guidance on?

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