Who Doesn’t Like Free Act! Stuff? Part 1: Default Lookup Field by Exponenciel

Aug 6, 2018 | General

Who Doesn’t Like Free Act! Stuff? Part 1: Default Lookup Field by Exponenciel

Since Act! was founded, over 30 thirty years ago, countless developers have made add-ons to extend the core capabilities of Act! In this new blog series, we are focusing on some great 100% FREE add-ons that you might like, AspenTech CRM tested and approved. Follow our blogs to find more Free Act! Stuff posts to come.

Free Act! Add-on – Default Lookup Field by Exponenciel:

Find yourself looking up the same field over and over? Why not have a short-cut to lookup that field?

This very simple ACT! add-on gives you the option to make any field the default field for the lookup feature of the navigation bar. Simply click the “Default…” button the add-on adds to the navigation bar and select the field of your choice. The next time you restart ACT!, the field will be automatically selected for you. Choose different default fields for Contacts, Companies, Opportunities, and Groups.

Note that this add-on will only work with the installed version of Act!. Exponenciel does not design add-ons for Act! for Web at this time. 

Download Information:

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