What’s Your CRM Doing This Summer?

Jun 6, 2018 | General

What’s Your CRM Doing This Summer?

Summer is a distinct season for most businesses. Either it’s a “hot” time of year – or it’s cool and mellow. And companies that don’t have seasonal products face the challenge of coordinating the vacation schedules of both employees and clients – ensuring business is getting done in the fleeting weeks when everyone is in the office at the same time!

Your CRM is a critical piece of keeping your business moving during the summer season. Be sure you are keeping calendars to track employees and creating back-up plans for coverage. Take note of the vacation plans for your key prospects and clients – and make sure critical decisions for moving forward on projects are made in due time. The last thing you want is to be forced to call a key client while they are on vacation to get approval for a critical decision you should have been able to foresee.

Hot Summer 

If you have a “hot” summer business, you need your CRM running on all cylinders. Keep your sales funnel primed with well-planned email promotions, telemarketing, and in-person demonstrations. Use all the time-saving functions your CRM has to offer – sales and marketing dashboards, automated prospect follow-up, and mobile capabilities for easy access on the road. Hone your reporting to deliver the most critical information your executive team needs to make quick decisions and take advantage of every opportunity. For many seasonal businesses, there are no “second chances.”

Summer Breathing Room 

If, on the other hand, summer for you means a little breathing space, now is the time to do all that CRM maintenance you didn’t have time for during your busier season. Data scrubbing, archiving old records, and procedure improvements and testing are all important tasks to take on now. Do a process audit and look for any holes or slow-downs as your prospects move through your funnel. Check how the post-sales process is working – maybe talk to some clients to get their input. Find out what new features your CRM system has to offer. Then, take some time for staff training to make sure everyone understands their role.

Whether your summer is hot, mellow, or business-as-usual, your CRM is always a critical factor in your success. With AspenTech CRM, your most important business asset – your CRM database of clients and prospects – is in experienced hands. Get in touch today, just call (866) 880-4228 or click here and we’ll work with you to make your summer season a red-hot success.

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