What’s New in Zoho CRM – Winter 2024

Apr 17, 2024 | Uncategorized

We recently explored the exciting new features and functionality that were released for Zoho CRM in Fall 2023 and early Winter 2024. Some of the highlights include a completely revamped Timeline view for records, document generation upgrades, enhancements to CPQ and Wizards, Zoho DataPrep integration with CRM, numerous email management updates, keyboard shortcuts, and enhanced calendar integration with Office 365. If you’re interested in learning more about the recent enhancements to Zoho CRM, please read on or contact us.

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Feature Availability Disclaimer

Not all features and enhancements below are available in all Zoho CRM editions. Some may be in early access or closed beta release as well. Please contact us if you need any assistance getting access.

Automation and Productivity

Keyboard Shortcuts

Within your Personal Settings, you can configure keyboard shortcuts that provide access to features more quickly and efficiently. For example, use a keyboard shortcut to open the Record Search (/) or close a pop up (Esc). Also, create your own.

Assignment Thresholds

Prevent individual users from being overwhelmed with too many assigned records (leads, deals, etc.) by configuring Assignment Thresholds. These can also periodically re-calibrate assignments based on  configured thresholds.

Enhanced saved filters

The limit of saved filters has increased on list views from 5 to 10. They can also be reordered now according to your own preferences.

Automate Recruit / CRM calendar unavailability

Calendar and Recruit can be integrated with CRM to automatically mark a user as unavailable on the CRM calendar when they have a conflicting event in one of the other apps. This is comparable to a feature released previously for Google and Microsoft calendar integrations.

UI and Design

Updates to aggregate field in subforms

Enhancements have been made to aggregate field capabilities in subforms, allowing for condition-based aggregate fields. Aggregate fields are at the bottom of a column where a mathematical formula has been applied – things like SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX. With condition-based aggregates, now you can combine values based on a product type or category to show how much of something might exist in a particular subform.

File upload and user field support for subforms

Add user lookup fields to subforms, as well as related fields from the users details page. You can also add file upload fields for files and attachments.

Expanding subform field limits

The total number of fields you can have within a subform has expanded from 10 to 25. Additionally, you can add up to 20 (from 10) decimal, percentage, and currency fields.

Query component in Wizards

Query component is a smart search field in Wizards that allows you to lookup data and perform other actions. As an example, you could enter a ZIP Code on a wizard for a customer and the system could automatically lookup providers in that ZIP the moment you exit the field.

Hassle-free error management in Wizards

When an error is detected in a Wizard, the user is guided to resolve it. Mandatory fields are now presented on screen by default.

Colors and order preferences for Blueprint Transitions

Color coding has been added to blueprint transitions, allowing for quicker and easier decision-making. Maybe you want to setup a button in green to approve an order and red to reject an order. Additionally, now you control the order of the buttons for blueprint transitions.

Revamped Timeline view

The Timeline view shows events going back up to 3 years (previously 6 months). Additionally, you can add notes in response to timeline events, filter timeline events and view email statuses (sent, opened, clicked, etc.).

Writer / Mail Merge

Mail merge enhancements

Merge is now available for inventory modules such as Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase orders, and Invoices. Users can now import PDF files into Mail Merge templates, with a maximum size of 10 MB. Image fields can now be added to merge templates, allowing users to add images from the record to the document.

Email Improvements

Email enhancements

Email addresses in custom email fields are now available as Quick Suggestions in the email composition window (in addition to the primary and secondary email fields). Emails sent and received from the email addresses in all email fields (standard and custom) will be synced to the email related list and will be filterable within the list. A Send Email button has been added to the Accounts module and clicking on this button will provide an email composition window in which you can select from a list of the related contacts’ email addresses. The Vendors module also supports email now. You can send / receive emails and mass email vendors now with these updates.

Link contact role emails to Deals

Users can now link contact role emails to deals in Zoho CRM. This provides a comprehensive view of email conversations related to a deal.

Customize unsubscribe page

The unsubscribe link feature has been enhanced with the ability to customize the message on the landing page and success display message. Customize the message to say what you want or use content that suits your organization.

Email bounce management

Previously, bounces were categorized as hard or soft but now they are categorized as permanent or temporary. Temporary bounces can be unblocked by a user and emails continue to be sent normally.  The system will permanently block an email address after 5 unblock attempts. Every 6 months the system will automatically unblock previously blocked email addresses if the issues have been resolved.

Email storage

Previously, emails were counted the same as all other data in your storage but now are detailed as a separate entity. The overall storage limits remain the same but admins can view and manage email storage, including requesting that users delete emails (or delete them on their behalf).

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Improvements

Guided Selling in CPQ

Guided Selling is an addition to CPQ that helps sales reps identify the most relevant products for a customer. Pose questions to your customers and filter product results accordingly.

Free products and dynamic quantity in CPQ

Bundle products with ease using the new free products and dynamic quantity features.

Users and Security

Home page and dashboards

Home pages can be shared based on profile (formerly only role) and users can now access up to 10 home pages (5 role-based and 5 profile-based). Dashboards are also included now in copy customization, which is used to create a clone of your CRM instance.

Support access
Allows an external user to access your CRM organization for technical support purposes without affecting your licensing. The user will be provided admin access for a limited time, and it can be revoked at any time. Only one external user can be provided support access at one time. There are a number of limitations and safeguards. All actions will be attributable to the support user, like other users and relevant items can be viewed in the audit log, timelines, etc.

Custom domain mapping

Rebrand Zoho CRM by changing your URL to match your organization and/or other apps you utilize.

Data Administration

DataPrep’s “export to Zoho CRM” public beta is now live

Use DataPrep to clean data that is destined for CRM. Export data directly from DataPrep to CRM.

Upgrades to module data exports

Export up to 200,000 records at one time now (was 3,000). Filters can be applied to export data. Subform data can be exported (filters apply here too). Export All Fields, Fields from View, or individually one by one.

Data model

Data model provides a visual representation of your CRM’s data structure – the different entities and relationships between them.

Improvements to finding and merging duplicates

Customize the fields you would like to use in your search criteria. Manage duplicates in Deals and custom modules (previously only available in leads, contacts, accounts and vendors).

Data migration extended to Services and Appointments modules

When migrating from other systems and importing that data, you can now include imports into the Services and Appointments modules in CRM.

Enhancement to reports – aggregates in a single column

All of the aggregates now go in a single column on reports, instead of their own. You can still choose to split them into separate columns if that’s not your preference.

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