What’s New in Zoho CRM: Winter 2023 Recap

Mar 2, 2023 | General

What’s New in Zoho CRM: Winter 2023 Recap

Zoho is releasing improvements every day to make their applications more powerful, easier to use and more efficient. Keeping up on the new feature releases can be difficult. Here are the new Zoho CRM updates and features released in Winter of 2023 all in one place. Don’t miss out on features and updates that will have a positive impact on your business and make your processes simpler! 

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List View Enhancements

There have been multiple updates to the List View in Zoho CRM. These new features allow for further customization to allow users to create a system that best suits their needs. 

Scoring Fields in List View

Scoring fields are where record scoring values are stored. These scores help qualify prospects based on defined criteria such as behavior or demography. A higher score equates to a prospect that is more likely to become a customer. This can help companies focus their efforts on customers who have the highest conversion potential.

Previously, these fields were not available to be added as a column in the List View. With the new updates, you can add these fields as columns by either editing the View or managing the columns. This allows for a quick look at the scores without going into individual records.

Scoring fields in List View


Option to Remove Activity Badge

For every activity such as a call or task, the record will show a ribbon-like icon known as an activity badge. This gives the user a visual reminder of activities that are related to the record without having to go into each record individually.

With this new update, you can choose to remove the activity badge and gain more real estate on the page or keep it and retain the visual reminder. If you would like to remove this from the List View, go to the manage columns page and uncheck the Activity Badge option.

Activity Badges in List View


Pin/Unpin Columns 

List View now gives the option to pin or unpin columns. This feature is similar to freezing rows or columns in a spreadsheet. As you look at records in the List View, it can be helpful to have a visual of an important column while you scroll to the right. For example, you may want to view the names of the records as you scroll to look at information in other columns. This can now be accomplished using the pin column feature.

Manage columns page and pinned column in List View


Contextual Actions 

Contextual actions are now available in the List View that allow the user to edit, send an email, create a task, convert, change the owner, add tags, delete, and more.

Contextual actions available in List View


Sort/Unsort Toggle 

Up to this point, users were able to see the sort option only when clicking the column header. A toggle has now been introduced by the header of each column. The sort/unsort toggle allows you to sort records in a list view by ascending or descending and then unsort.


Improved Lookup Windows

Lookup fields in Zoho CRM helps associate related records across different modules. For example, the Account Name lookup field on the Contact record shows which Account the Contact is related to. Clicking on a populated lookup field will take you to that associated record.

Lookup windows are a pop-up window that help the user select the correct record when populating a lookup field. In the past, fields shown as columns in the window were system defined, and the user could only search for the name of the record with the related fields as columns to assist. There wasn’t a lot of flexibility to search based on other fields or customize the columns. With new enhancements, users can customize the fields shown as columns in the pop-up window as well as filter the records based on custom fields.


Client Script in Wizards

This update allows for the combination of two pre-existing features, Wizards and Client Script. 

What are Wizards? 

Wizards in Zoho CRM allow the user to divide long record creation layouts into a series of screens. The user can enter the required information in a step-by-step process until completion.

What is Client Script? 

Client Script is code that runs on your web browser instead of the server. This allows for a more interactive experience in your CRM as the code can be executed immediately without the record being saved first. An example being on the spot field validation or the immediate display of a message.

Wizards + Client Script 

With a base understanding of these two features, we can look at how the combination will be beneficial.

Using Client Script allows for many instant actions such as field validation, auto-population of fields, and the display of an alert or custom message. These features were already accessible in the Standard layout and are now available in a Wizard layout. An alert or message can appear when the Wizard loads. This can allow the user to be guided through the process more efficiently, which is already an existing goal of Wizards. Auto-population of fields removes the burden to reenter information that already exists in the CRM. These fields can instead be auto-populated and either confirmed or updated. Instant field validation in Wizards ensures quality data from the beginning.


Enhancements to Blueprints 

A Blueprint is an online replica of a business process. Every detail of an offline process can be captured in the software. Two new features have been added to ensure that your online processes can mirror your offline ones. These new features have made Blueprints more adaptable. As we all know, things don’t always go as planned. 

Parallel Transitions 

Parallel transitions allow for multiple steps or processes to take place between states. This type of transition should be used when the process is flexible, and the steps can take place in any order. However, for the record to move to the next state, all steps must be completed. The transition shows a check mark when it has been completed. Previously, users had to do the steps in the defined order and weren’t allowed to bounce around.

Example of a parallel transition with multiple steps between states


Multiple Transitions 

Multiple transitions allow the record to move from one state to another when any of the steps are completed. Previously, users would have to complete all steps before they were allowed to move to the next state.

Example of a multiple transition where any step allows the record to move to the next state


Dynamic Reporting Criteria 

Reports in Zoho let you analyze, track, and monitor important business metrics. Previously, report filters were fairly static. When analyzing Deals, you could filter on the Actual Cost of a Deal compared to a set number. With the new update, you can denote another field from selected modules as criteria for the report. For example, now instead of comparing Actual Cost to a number, you can compare it to another field such as Budgeted Cost. Fields must be the same data type for this functionality to work. The field types that are currently supported are Date, Date/Time, Checkbox, Number, Decimal, Percentage, Long Integer, and Currency.

Example of dynamic filter criteria for a report on over-budget projects


Email Deliverability 

Email deliverability refers to the ability for an email to reach the customer’s mailbox. Email authentication is critical for email domains that the organization uses to communicate. Email authentication is performed by email servers. The servers check if the email content came from the source email and if it was altered or forged in between.  Authenticated domains are important for deliverability and sender reputation. Effective May 31, 2023, all unauthenticated domains will have their email headers automatically reformatted. Emails from public domains will be switched to Zoho’s own authenticated domains. Unauthenticated domains increase bounce rates, lower your sender reputation score, and can end up getting your IP address blacklisted.

Email Authentication menu in Zoho CRM


Other Updates: 

New Capabilities for Subforms:

  • Support File Upload and User fields
  • Can be marked as required


  • Low-code, visual state machine builder
  • Orchestrate CRM functions to integrate third-party apps
  • Automate business processes within CRM

New Workflow Trigger:

  • New trigger: “Any field in specific section gets modified”
  • Triggers whenever a field in the section is modified
  • Multiple sections can be specified for the same trigger
  • Supported in Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Deals, and custom modules

CRM Notes Sync with Analytics:

  • Notes can be included in Analytics as a separate table
  • Sync options under Data Sources

Updates to Email Related List:

  • Emails can be viewed in thread
  • Resize columns
  • Attachment options for Zoho WorkDrive and other cloud storage

Improved CRM and Survey Integration:

  • Surveys categorized by department when sending from the CRM

New Features in Deals and Forecasts:

  • “Reason for Loss” is now a picklist
  • New Forecast performance dashboards


  • Discover customers’ journeys across multiple touch points within your organization
  • Intuitive maps allow you to visualize customers’ journeys
  • Identify successful paths and common drop off points
  • Filter journeys based on demographics to see how different customers engage

Zia Enhancements:

  • Advanced filters to find records with similar recommendations
  • Data enrichment history log
  • Data enrichment usage showing limits and consumption
  • Improvements to prediction builder (including prediction accuracy score)
  • Subject line suggestions
  • Zia Strategy Influencer
  • Updates to “Best Time to Contact”

New Motivator Features:

  • Target visibility based on role hierarchy
  • Customize dashboard visibility for select groups, roles, and users
  • Additional options added to KPI, target, and game menus
  • Rename a TV Channel and modify the transition time in TV Channel Editor

CRM v4 APIs Now Available:

  • New APIs include mass change owner, mass delete, mass convert, user groups, portals, emails, profiles, and map dependency
  • Fetch up to 2,000 records per Query call (previously 200)
  • Select query supports aggregate functions (SUM, MAX, MIN, AVG, and COUNT)

Miscellaneous Updates:

  • Assignment rules can be reordered
  • Limit on Formula fields increased
  • Ability to mark as unavailable in Google Calendar
  • Canvas templates can now be shared with other CRM organizations


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