What’s New in Act! v22.1

Jun 3, 2020 | General

Insights into What’s New in Act! v22.1

Act! released version 22.1 on June 2nd.  There are many great new features for both Act! CRM and Act! Marketing Automation.  This article will focus on just this specific release so if you’re also interested in features released in v22.0, please visit our What’s New in Act! page that has a comprehensive overview.  Get your download links here.

The evolution of Act! continues in v22 which builds out its small CRM business tool set with dynamic pipeline management, powerful new marketing automation capabilities and many subscriber-exclusive enhancements. All these capabilities allow your organization to take its sales and marketing to new heights.

Act! Pro v22 & Act! Emarketing End of Life Reminders

Contact us to discuss your Act! Pro options.

Revamped Opportunity Pipeline View

  • Restyled, modern look
  • Improved drag & drop functionality in the kanban area

Act! Subscriber Feature

Act! Marketing Automation – Redesigned Campaign Wizard & Starter Templates

  • Redesigned Campaign creation wizard (v22.1)
  • Create your own templates to quickly make similar campaigns (v22.1)
  • Choose from six pre-built campaign templates
    • These are not email templates, but whole campaigns pre-built for you to use 
    • Modify with your specific email templates, pictures, or verbiage
    • Or just use these to brainstorm what you might want to do and build yours from scratch after!

Act! Marketing Automation – New Landing Page Wizard & Starter Templates

  • If you’re not familiar, landing pages are your forms and surveys you can create using AMA
  • Redesigned landing page creation wizard
  • Create your own templates to quickly make similar landing pages
  • Choose from six new landing page templates
    • Need help getting starting with landing pages?  Use these pre-built templates to get started quickly
    • Modify with your specific template background skins with your branding, pictures, or verbiage
    • Add, remove, or edit form fields or action steps as required
    • Or just use these to brainstorm what you might want to do and build yours from scratch after!

Act! Marketing Automation – Add Captcha To Landing Pages

  • Reduce spam and bot entries by adding Captcha to your forms
  • This feature is available for “Page Designer” type forms (completely designed within and hosted by AMA)
  • Your web designer would have to manually add Captcha type tools for your “My Website” type forms

Act! Marketing Automation – New Landing Page Survey Reports

  • Visually see your landing page form and survey responses in graphs and charts
  • Has ability to export to PDF file

Act! Marketing Automation – Marketing Automation Tab

  • In addition to the existing Campaign Results tab on Contacts, with v22 Act! has added a new “Marketing Automation” tab
  • With this, you can immediately add or remove a contact from a campaign (without modifying the campaign group)
  • You can also quickly initiate single-email sends to that individual contact using one of your existing templates
  • You can also view lead scores for that contact based on criteria you design
  • This tab is available only on web access for v22.0
  • Available for the installed Act! client as well starting with v22.1

Act! Marketing Automation – Other Great Updates

  • Need help designing campaigns, templates, or landing pages? AspenTech CRM can now design them for you
  • Need more hands-on or in-depth AMA training? Contact us about our custom AMA training with your team.
  • Export all or a selection of your campaign transactional data (v22.1)
  • Error proofing and clear instructions for creating custom domain for Web Activity click tracking.  Read more here.

Outlook Integration Rewrite Using Act! API

  • Changes how the data is pushed back and forth between Act! and Outlook, now using Act! API
  • For the most part, how you use Act! or Outlook will not change
  • Improved controls to initiate actions inside Outlook
  • This update does not apply to Act! Pro users because they do not have access to the Act! API

Additional Act! Improvements That Make Act! Even Better

  • Performance & Quality Improvements
  • 250+ defect fixes included in v22.1

Act! Companion Mobile App Improvements

  • Act! is continually improving its Act! Companion mobile App
  • View and create notes
  • Text, email, or call directly from in Companion
  • Option to prompt for History creation
  • All activity types are now supported
  • Save favorite records for quick access
  • More notification options
  • Scan Business Cards into Act! Contacts
  • Proximity Search for Contacts near you

Ready to Move Your Act! System to the Cloud?

Cloud hosting your Act! server has many advantages:

  • Work from anywhere, anyhow via web access or installed client remote sync
  • Offload the technical details so you can focus on running your business
  • Leverage a modern secure platform with best-in-class security
  • Avoid server costs, save big on upfront costs
  • Change and grow your Act! system with ease

Download 5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud by clicking here.

Been a while since you upgraded?

If you haven’t upgraded recently you will also get the features released between your current version and Act! v22. To see all the features by version, click here. This handy chart goes all the way back to Act! v7!