What’s New in Act! v21.1

May 2, 2019 | General


What’s New in Act! v21.1

On May 2nd, Swiftpage released its newest update, Act! v21.1. This release continues the path of making Act! the most adaptable, everywhere connected Act! CRM to date.  With this release Act! provides a number of powerful new tools to allow organizations to more deeply incorporate their data and processes within Act!. Users with an active Premium Subscription are entitled to receive Act! v21.1 features including next generation Outlook integration, enhancements to Act! Insights and Act! Companion.


Want to see it in action?

Signup for our Act! v21.1 Launch Webinar! on June 5th, 2019 at 1PM EST.  Even if you miss it, we will send you the recording.  See you there!

Highlights of the new Act! v21.1 service pack release include:

Updated Compatibility

Office 2019 and Windows Server 2019 are now officially supported.  Users accessing their Act! database online via Chrome browser now have the full Microsoft Office integrations, including mail merges, email history recording, and more. No need to go to Internet Explorer for some functions!

Act! Marketing Automation Improvements (AMA)

Look for the brand new Campaign Calendar view.  Visually monitor which campaigns are sending when!  Views by day, week, or month. Filter by single sends or recurring campaigns.  Curious about an item showing on the calendar?  Use the drill-down features to jump to the campaign details.
Measuring and monitoring your AMA Campaigns just got easier with the enhancements to Act! Insights dashboards. The improved Act Insights now include flexible customization capabilities so you can pull in data from Act! Marketing Automation (AMA). Look for a brand new view devoted just to AMA!
AMA Premier and Ultimate Level subscribers will see a brand new area called “Assets”.  With assets, you can upload pdf documents, track website activity, and YouTube videos.   Monitor engagement metrics such as page visit counts and time spent.  Create pop-up forms for those visitors to sign up for more information, newsletters, etc..  Forms can be optional or mandatory in order to continue viewing content.

Importing Function Expansion and New Migration Wizard

If you go to the Welcome Page in Act!, there is now a brand new migration wizard for clients migrating to Act! from other CRM platforms such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and Sugar CRM.  For existing Act! users, this wizard lets you import from CSV files into more areas in Act!  Import directly into Opportunities, Activities and more without 3rd-Party Add-ons!

Custom Tables and Industry Templates

Custom Tables were officially rolled out in Act! v21.1.  However, since then, Act! rolled out many improvements for their Custom Tables module. If you are not familiar with custom tables, think about the data in your organization that is not in Act!, because you weren’t sure how to fit it in.  Data like warranty expiration details, or insurance policy tables, or project management dates.  All that data is currently an island unto itself.  With the new Custom Tables, all that changes.  The Custom Tables Manager gives you maximum adaptability to design and import complex data sets well as incorporating unique business processes and specialized industry practices all in one spot – your Act! database.  A major enhancement for managing your business. Contact us or call 866-880-4228 to discuss adding Custom Tables to your Act!.


Act! Companion Enhancements

Act! Companion (iOS and Android) now includes many great new features including Companies and Groups views.  There is also a business card scanner to help import your new contacts.  Use the Global Search to look for data within your entire database.  Use Proximity Search to find other contacts near you.  More ways to control your notifications so you see what you find important and more!  These changes are being rolled out in two updates, one in April and one in May so keep your eyes open in your phone’s app store.

Advanced Management Tools for IT Infrastructure & Security

Your Act! Administrators & IT team has a host of new tools to manage your Act! database!  Brand new free security role, “System Manager,” allows an administrator to do basic functions such as reset passwords, backup or restore a database and more. Large user count? Use your companies Active Directory to integrate Act!  Improved activation and licensing wizards, including ability for Proxy Licensing.  For Act! Cloud Hosted clients, certified consultants (such as us at AspenTech CRM) have more ability to manage your cloud environment so you don’t have to contact Act! support as frequently. Creating remote databases from Act! Web is now available as well.
For more information on what’s new in Act v21, click here.  


Want to see it in action?

Signup for our Act! v21.1 Launch Webinar! on June 5th, 2019 at 1PM EST.  Even if you miss it, we will send you the recording.  See you there!

Act! v21.1 Update Download Information:

Please note – this update will affect your database schema.  This means that users cannot update individually.  Therefore, we recommend contacting your Act! administrator to plan and implement the update, which will then coordinate the update for all users.
To download the latest Act! v21.1 installation files:
Important Note: Office 2010 is no longer supported past Act! v20.1

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