What’s New in Act! v20.1

Mar 26, 2018 | General

On March 22, Swiftpage released its newest update, Act! v20.1. This release continues the path of making Act! the most adaptable, everywhere connected Act! CRM to date.  With this release Act! provides a number of powerful new tools to allow organizations to more deeply incorporate their data and processes within Act!. Users with and active Premium Subscription are entitled to receive Act! v20.1 features including next generation Outlook integration, enhancements to Act! Insights and Act! Companion.
Highlights of the new Act! v20.1 service pack release include:

Custom Tables and Industry Templates

Think about the data in your organization that is not in Act!, because you weren’t sure how to fit it in.  Data like warranty expiration details, or insurance policy tables, or project management dates.  All that data is currently an island unto itself.  With the new Custom Tables and Industry Templates in the new Act! Premium Plus all that changes.  The Custom Tables Manager gives you have maximum adaptability to design and import complex data sets as we as incorporating unique business processes and specialized industry practices all in one spot – your Act database.  A major enhancement for managing your business. 

Next Generation Outlook Integration

Sync for your Outlook contacts and calendar with an all new engine technology that will deliver superior sync performance and enhance duplicate checking.  Additional improvements include:
  • Brand new contact and calendar sync technology for Outlook and Gmail
  • Brand new email history recording technology for Outlook
  • Quick Actions within Outlook
    • Record emails to Act! history from the inbox and sent folder
    • Auto-record emails to Act! history when emails are sent
    • Bulk sync emails to Act! history
  • Control your sync schedule with additional options – manually, daily, at a set time, at set increments, when your computer starts and in real-time

Compatibility with Office 365 and Exchange 

Work with popular Microsoft platforms Office 365 and Exchange for additional access options, convenience and control.

Act! Insight Improvements  

Measuring business and team performance just got easier with the enhancements to Act! Insights dashboards. The improved Act Insights now include flexible customization capabilities so you can pull in data from all Act! entities, reporting-based fields, and custom fields.

Act! Companion Enhancements

Act! Companion (iOS and Android) now includes Act! opportunities so you can manage your pipeline from anywhere.  With access to both list and detail views, you can easily create, update, close or delete opportunities from anywhere. 
For more information on what’s new in Act v20.1, click here.  

Act! v20.1 Update Download Information:

Please note – this update will affect your database schema.  This means that users cannot update individually.   Therefore, we recommend contacting your Act! administrator to plan and implement the update, which will then coordinate the update for all users.
To download the latest Act! v20.1 updates:
Important Note: Office 2010 is no longer supported in Act! v20.1
If you have islands of data that aren’t currently in your Act! system, and you’re interested in incorporating this data with Act! Custom Tables, let’s talk.  We have years of experience in creating custom table solutions that work for you. If you are not currently using Act! v20.1 and would like to implement this upgrade, please feel free to contact us
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