Video Tutorial – How To Use the HTML Editor in Act! Marketing Automation (AMA)

Mar 23, 2021 | General

Video Demo – Learn How to Use the HTML Editor in AMA

Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) has many great features and many options for designing your email templates and campaigns.

One great feature is the ability to use HTML code to quickly make email templates.  This is most often used when a company has a graphic designer or a corporate office that supplies ready-made emarketing designs for you to use.

In our 2-part webinar series covering Act! Marketing Automation, we only cover the “normal” Drag & Drop editor that most clients tend to use.  Since we don’t cover this second option you have in that class, we put together this short video for those interested in using it!

Please Note – if your video is blurry, we recommend changing your YouTube settings to High Definition.  This setting is normally on the bottom right of your YouTube video window. You can also choose to view in full screen.


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