Use Your CRM to Create 2019 Sales Momentum

Jan 23, 2019 | General

Use Your CRM to Create 2019 Sales Momentum

With the right CRM, you can create momentum and support your sales team as they turn prospects into clients or customers. A combination of predictive modeling and intelligent, easy-to- use tools for communicating with prospects puts lead conversion power in the hands of each salesperson, improving their success.

Here are the key attributes your CRM should offer:

  1. Sales prediction. Provides salespeople with win probability statistics through analysis of each prospect’s activities compared to the typical “win” pattern. Identifies prospects slipping away vs. those most likely to close.

  2. Sales trending. Using sales activity details stored in your CRM, compare sales trending with actual growth. See how activity will affect overall sales revenue, detect anomalies, and alert specific salespeople so they can focus on issues that may hinder their performance.

  3. Intelligent automation. Certain repetitive tasks can be automated, and a great CRM can learn these patterns and make personalized suggestions to the sales team on exact steps they can take to work faster and smarter.

  4. Email content analysis. With so much customer communication taking place online, it can be difficult to identify the tone of emails. Customer email content analysis alerts the sales team to shifts in tone so they can change the pitch to better meet customer needs.

  5. Find best contact time. If your CRM is “paying attention,” it can suggest the best time and day for favorable responses from each prospect. Follow up reminders can also be scheduled based on these suggestions, cutting down the time spent getting in touch with prospects.

  6. Data checks and correction. Your CRM should assist your sales team in collecting and updating lead information. Periodic checks keep data updated with demographics, phone numbers and social media accounts.

  7. Target alerts. Your CRM should track target sales numbers and revenue for each salesperson, alerting them (and management) if they seem unlikely to meet expectations.

If your CRM is more of a hindrance than a help to your sales team, it’s time to take a look at your options. Grab a spot on my schedule and let’s create the sales momentum you need for a successful 2019.

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