Update: Act! Documents Tab, Attachments and Windows 10

Sep 23, 2015 | General

Windows 10 Release

We blogged a few weeks back about Act! and Windows 10 but felt it was important enough for a special post about the Act! Documents Tab, Attachments and Windows 10 issue AFFECTING ALL ACT! VERSIONS.  The detrimental effects of Windows 10 on these important Act! features have been felt by many.  Essentially, the Act! Documents Tab was rendered useless on most Windows 10 systems and Act! would immediately crash when you attempted to access this tab.  Additionally, attempting to attach files within Notes, Histories, and Activities would do the same.

There’s good and bad news.  First, the good news.  If you’re running Act! v17 then there is a fix for you!  Here’s the Act! KB on that.  The bad news is that if you’re on Act! v16 or below, there is no current fix and we’re unsure whether Act! will eventually supply one for these older versions.  If you’re on v16 or earlier and rely on the Documents Tab or attaching files to Notes, Histories, or Activities, DO NOT UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10. If attachments are important to you and you’ve already upgraded to Windows 10 or it’s in the works, then please contact us to talk about upgrading to Act! v17.2 so you maintain this key functionality.

These issues underscore two important things when it comes to your mission critical software.  First, staying current is key so that you get the latest updates when issues are found.  Second, and more important, is check your system requirements!  You don’t want to roll out a new version of Office just to find it won’t talk with your other software and you don’t want to upgrade to a new version of Windows to find that your critical software systems won’t run properly on it.  A quick check of your software vendor’s website can usually mitigate these issues.  If you ever have any trouble finding information about your Act! version, don’t hesitate to contact us.