Unsubscribe Part 3: Put Your CRM to Work

Feb 25, 2019 | General

Unsubscribe Part 3: Put Your CRM to Work

While many companies use their CRM to tag or otherwise segment their customers and prospects – very few companies actually act on that segmentation in their email marketing. Some marketing researchers have estimated that as few as 11% of emails are actually targeted. Instead most email marketing takes the “spray and pray” approach, blasting out the exact same email to their entire database in the hope that a few will take action.

This inevitably leads to frustration – for sender and receiver – as people delete more than 60% of email unopened and eventually unsubscribe, largely because they “receive too much email.” Email marketers are further frustrated because they are often confronted by upper management or sales teams who believe every single person in the database is a potential customer for every single product – they want to “leave no stone unturned” and make sure that the entire database sees every product.

Here are some practical steps you can take to stop the madness:

  1. More isn’t always better – Remind sales teams and executives that you won’t sell anything to someone who doesn’t open your email or who unsubscribes, and that extra hours and efforts put into your email marketing will pay off. Use your CRM reports to track your success and prove your point!
  2. Segment & Target – Take the time to go through your database with a fine-toothed comb. Make sure you can identify prospects vs. customers – and long-term, repeat customers from single purchasers.
  3. Look for past interaction – As prospects come into the funnel, identify where they came from. What motivated them? Did they respond to email, sign up on your website, come in through social media, or request information with a phone call? They are telling you how they are comfortable interacting – use that information when reaching back out to them.
  4. Use send data – Use your CRM to tag your email clicks – what is it that motivates them to click through? Maybe it’s a video, a link to an article, a coupon? Send them more of what works.
  5. Survey your audience – Ask your customers and prospects how they want to receive information with an explicit survey – and then do what they ask. Maybe they want a short text alert, an email, or maybe they prefer social media. Depending on your product or service, maybe a phone call is the best way to reach them.
  6. Test, test, test –  Especially test subject lines – these are absolutely critical because they directly drive your open rate. Use A/B testing to determine what type of subject lines work best with each distinct audience.
  7. Customize your message – At a minimum, your emails should talk to your current customers/clients differently than they talk to your prospects. Make sure they know that you appreciate their business – every time you reach out. The benefits of being your client or customer should be clear to them!

A well-tuned CRM can support your efforts and help you become one of the few and the proud who segment your email marketing for improved success! AspenTech CRM is ready to help, I’m happy to spend tiem with you exploring how your CRM can significantly improve your marketing efforts. Contact us to make your appointment.

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