UI Redesign for Zoho CRM Records

Feb 21, 2020 | General

Zoho Redesigns the UI for Record Details Page

In an effort to provide a more comprehensive and user-friendly layout, Zoho has updated the Zoho CRM Record Details page.  This revamped User Interface has received rave reviews from Zoho Partners across the globe and we are excited to show you everything that’s changed!  You will quickly notice the new layout displays data in a crisp, clean, professional manner, helping users identify data easier and more efficiently.

Following is a preview of the new screens with the changes indicated:

  • ‘Info’ has been renamed as ‘Overview’.
  • ‘Overview’, ‘Timeline’, and ‘Data Privacy’ have been removed from the ‘Related List’ column and can now be found as tabs across the top of the record.

  • For Lead records, the ‘lead score’ has been moved away from the record image to the right of the record name.
  • More about Scoring Rules

  • Tags’ have been moved from below the record name to the ‘Related List’ section.

  • The ‘Blueprint State’ has now been renamed ‘Current State’.  This has been moved from below the Business Card section of the record to above the Business Card section.

  • ‘Deal Stages’ have moved from below the Business Card section to above.  
  • The ‘deal creation’ and ‘closing dates’ will also be displayed in the new graphic.

  • The ‘Follow’ button has moved from next to the record name to the list accessed by the ellipsis button on the record.

  • The ‘Waiting for Approval’ message displayed next to the Business Card section of the record, will now be displayed on the top, right corner of the details screen.

  • The UI for the number of fields that are ‘approved’ and ‘rejected’, based on your Approval Process, has been modified.

  • The UI displaying the ‘participants’ of an Event has been updated.  ‘Participant Status’ was available via a drop-down menu, it will now be available as tabs.

The new UI has been released and is accessible to all users via the ‘Switch to New Version’ button:

After April 15, 2020 the new UI will be available by default when you open the record details page and you can switch to the old version if necessary.

The old UI will be retained until May 15, 2020 after which time it will be removed permanently.

If you have questions regarding the new UI, feel free to contact one of our Zoho Experts at 866-880-4228 or info@aspen-tech.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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