Troubleshooting Act! emarketing Errors – The following email campaign failed to send from your Act! eMarketing account

Mar 3, 2015 | General

Act! Emarketing Failed To Send

Have You Seen This Alert When Sending An Email Campaign in Act?

Tips for troubleshooting two common Act! emarketing (AEM) errors:

  • “The following email campaign failed to send from your Act! emarketing account”.
  • “We are unable to send your email campaign. Please verify your Act! emarketing account…or an error referencing Act.Framework.MutableEntities.MutableEntityMetaDataArgumentException”.

Act! emarketing is one of most significant recent enhancements from Swiftpage.  AEM was introduced midway through Act! v16, then significantly enhanced in both Act! v17 and Act! v17.1. It’s not well known that basic Act! emarketing version is available free to all Act! users.  Eventually,  when the functionality has been built out, AEM will replace Swiftpage Email, which has been a part of Act! for many years.

Error Fix: The following email campaign failed to send from your Act! emarketing account.

This error message will occur whenever you have one or more email addresses within the group/lookup you are sending to that are either blank or invalid (, jdoe@samplecom,  Like many databases, when users are entering information into their contacts typos occur or incorrect data is copied and pasted into the field.  These issues become apparent in AEM.  Fortunately, Act! has created two easy to use tools to help you identify these problems.  You can get them here:

Act! Knowledge Base: ID 37323: Send Failed for an email blast in Act! emarketing

The knowledge base article ID 37323 provides links to the Act! emarketing Special Character Email Scanner spreadsheet and the Act! Email Validator Plugin along with instructions on their use.  We highly recommend that you check all your email address using both of these tools, not just the contacts that were included in the campaign that caused this error.  When using the Act! Email Validator Plugin, under Options, check “Include Blank Emails.”  By doing this, you’ll find hidden characters that aren’t visible in the email field.  These hidden characters need to be removed or they will cause future AEM campaigns to fail.

One more point worth mentioning on this error.  When you send future campaigns, make sure you exclude contacts that do not have email addresses from your group or look-up.

Error Fix: We are unable to send your email campaign. Please verify your Act! emarketing account… or an error referencing Act.Framework.MutableEntities.MutableEntityMetaDataArgumentException using Act! emarketing.

One of the signature traits of Act! is the ability to customize your Act! database to meet the specific requirements of your organization.  The error message above will be generated when you’ve deleted some key fields in the process of customizing your database.  The following article will provide direction and the tool necessary to get these fields back into you Act! database:

Act! Knowledge Base: ID 37608 Error: “We are unable to send your email campaign. Please verify your Act! emarketing account and your internet connection and try again.” or Act.Framework.MutableEntities.MutableEntityMetaDataArgumentException using Act! emarketing

This article provides a tool that will replace the missing Act! fields.  Since this tool modifies the structure of your database we highly recommend that you backup your Act! database prior to making these changes.

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