Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Business

Dec 31, 2009 | General


In years past, I’ve always focused narrowly on how to get more out of Act! in the new year.  For 2010 I’m going to focus on resolutions to make this new decade your best EVER!  OK, so I might include an Act! tip, but the goal is to reach out and be broader in our perspective and look at how we can improve our businesses.  After you read my top ten, please add yours to the list.  I wish you a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

1 – Really use the Internet for research and sales prospecting

Many of us have companies we are targeting.  Set up Google Alerts for your top 10 prospect companies so you can stay on top of their breaking news.  Search LinkedIn for your prospect’s companies and their people.  When you find a key contact, send them an InMail message to open a dialog.  Search Facebook for your prospect’s fan pages.  Don’t forget about Twitter.  While you’re setting Google alerts for your prospects, also set them up for you, your company and your key words.  I promise you will be amazed what you learn.

2 – Get recognized and get found

Go ahead, Google yourself, then Google your Company.  Google your top competitors and their key executives.  Google key words for your industry.  Are you and your company on the first page of your searches?  Are you higher than your competitors?  The yellow pages are dead.  More and more customers are doing their research on the Internet and you need to make it easy for them to find you.  If you would like a little help, take a look at a colleague of mine, Judd Seida.  His firm, BizHive, has helped many companies improve their online presence – and their sales!

3 – Get a voice and a blog

OK, this is related to #2, but is worth its own mention.  Blogs give you an ability to tell your story.  You can have a team approach to blogging and let several people at your company blog to add breadth to your message.  A blog on your web site will improve your Search Engine Optimization and raise your visibility.  The search engines love fresh content.  It’s easy to find things to blog about.  Check out Chris Brogan’s blog about blogging every day.  If you are ready to take your web site, blog and social media to the next level, then check out The Authority Black Book.

4 – LinkedIn is a waste of a salesperson’s time – NOT!

I saw that headline in a recent email from and I flipped!  I love the reverse psychology.  If you are in sales (and who among us isn’t), LinkedIn provides you with a unique lead generation and business building opportunity.  Additionally, LinkedIn is a great way to become recognized as an industry expert and the go-to person in your field of expertise.  To learn more about the value of LinkedIn read Paul Castain’s LinkedIn The Right Way and join the Sales Gravy LinkedIn Group.

5 – Seek new ideas and insight

One of my personal goals in 2009 was to identify some interesting bloggers and newsletters to help me stay on top of my game.  A few Google searches gave me the results I wanted.  The key was making it easy to read this information each week.  Here are two tips for that.  If you use Outlook 2007, you can add RSS feeds and have your favorite blogs sent to your inbox automatically.  Or you can set up Google Reader through your iGoogle page.

6 – Excellent blogs to get you going

Here are a few of my favorite blogs:  Paul Castain’s Sales Playbook.  Seth Godin’s Seth’s Blog. Chris Brogan Community and Social Media. SalesBlogcast. Modern B2B Marketing.  Dorothy Twinney, local creative marketing maven Dot’s Blog.

7 – Get organized and get productive

Can you see the bottom of your desk?  Do you waste hours each week looking for key information that you know is within reach?  Make 201o the year you get organized.  If you can’t get organized yourself, there is professional help available.  Alita Bluford of Marlowe & Associates has worked with a number of our clients and gotten amazing results.

8 – Marketing – Part 1 – We have to do it!

Do you have a marketing plan?  Want to create one quickly?  Check out a brand new tool developed by a colleague, Sandy Barris, called Fast Marketing Plan.   If you would like some creative and effective help with your marketing, talk to Dorothy Twinney at Pandora Outside the Box Marketing.  Want to send snail mail, then get creative with bumpy mail.  Get a free idea book at 3DMailResults.

9 – Marketing – Part 2 – eMarketing

Every company needs to reach out and touch their client base.  Tools that make the job easy and get results are critical.  For Act! users there is nothing better than Swiftpage Email.  Swiftpage integrates directly into Act!.  No exporting of emails and the results of your email and nurture marketing campaigns come back into Act! on each contact record.

10 – Leverage the power of Act! in 2010

Make Act! your mission critical tool in 2010.  Ask yourself a few questions.  Do you know how to truly use Act! to grow your business?  Do you have Act! designed to give you the information that you need?  Does everyone who is using Act! know what their role is with database?  What is the one thing can you could improve in Act! that will give you improved ROI in 2010?