Tired of Bad Data Input? Consider Using Client Script

Sep 24, 2021 | General

Are you tired of poor data validation for your systems records? Have inconsistent formatting? Duplicate entries? Need a consistent naming standard for each record? Use custom functions for data validation and want to cut down on API calls? 

Zoho’s recent implementation of client script can be utilized to solve all of these issues and more.

Using Zoho’s client script JavaScript SDK, you can perform data validation on the fly as you’re entering data for a record. This is possible since actions can be triggered by events like entering a value into a field, loading a page, or saving a record instead of having to use a workflow and potentially too many API calls. Additionally, there is no latency in having to wait for a response from Zoho’s servers, since everything is happening through your browser.

Quite often we see clients who have CRMs where they have automation bringing their records in from an external source, but that also have team members manually inputting the same type of record. For instance, a visitor to your website fills out a webform or gives their information to a chat bot, but then contacts a sales representative who thinks that they are a brand-new lead. Situations like this result in duplication that creates more work, confusion, and general frustration. To avoid duplication during the manual input stage, client script can be used to search for similar records (e.g. using the address field or company name) and indicate the possibility of a duplicate record before the record is created.


In this scenario, 3 contacts had street addresses containing “1600”

Many times clients want to standardize the way that they are naming a certain type of record, sometimes to offer a better understanding of the contents of the record from the name, sometimes just to make their records more consistent. Client script can automatically populate the name of the record programmatically, allowing those entering data not to worry about a naming standard and letting the automation handle it. Better yet, any field can be auto-populated: like entering a zip code and having city and state fields filled in with the correct values. And if the zip code isn’t valid, a message box can appear to indicate that error.


If you need a more complicated process to go on in the background of your CRM to help fill in field values, you can call existing deluge functions using client script. Need the user to wait for that function to complete before saving? Have a message box indicating that and simply freeze the web page through client script until the function completes.


With a bit of coding savvy, there are limitless possibilities for client script to improve your team’s data validation and efficiency while inputting data.

If you have questions regarding the NEW Client Script functionality, please contact one of our Zoho Experts at 866-880-5228 or send us an email at info@aspen-tech.com. We would be glad to help!