The Recent Zoho DDoS Attack

Nov 19, 2015 | General

Zoho has turned the corner and fought back over a week of repeated criminal DDoS attacks designed to disrupt the services that they offer its customers. Their services are now back to normal, although there may still be several customers with hiccups that they are working hard to fix, they continue to remain very vigilant.

At AspenTech, we want to thank you – our customers. A number of you suffered disruptions to your businesses. Like us, you had a challenge reaching your customers.  Despite all this, you understood the extreme circumstances Zoho was under from this criminal attack and understood that Zoho would overcome this as quickly as possible.

About The DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks, known as Denial of Service Attacks, are criminal attacks on the servers of large companies. Cyber attacks are ongoing – for a live glimpse at what is happening in the cyber world, click on the map below.  So DDOS attacks have been in the press for years.  We suppose that Zoho should be flattered that they would be targeted for such attacks.  These were intermittent over six days and there were several of them. Zoho had started to mitigate them even around the second or third attack, although they chose not to make this public at that time. There were no security breaches and no data was ever breached. A demand for a ransom followed each attack.

During and since the attacks, Zoho erected several and multiple defenses to its infrastructure. They continue to work with multiple vendor solutions, including their own, to build safeguards and layers of defense.

We have all certainly come out stronger at the end of this tunnel with the benefit of stronger infrastructure, people, and processes for Zoho. Their services are back to normal and they will continue to work with the many of you who still have service issues that need resolution.

The team at AspenTech would like to thank you once again for your patience and support at a time when it really counted.

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What a DDoS Attack Looks Like

Learn more about what a Denial of Service (DDoS) by visiting the NorseCorp website where you can view live worldwide DDoS attacks:

Norse DNS Attacks Live

Plan For The Future – What You Can Do

Our CRM data is key to us doing business.  During the DDOS attacks the Zoho CRM mobile app (both iOS and Android) continued to work.  We would encourage all your users to download this free app to your smartphone and tablets.  Not only will you find it helpful on an everyday basis, it may provide you with off-line access when you need it.  It’s worth noting that Zoho is has a new version of their CRM mobile app in Beta.  This is a much improved version that every Zoho CRM user will find helpful.

Another option is to try and open your Zoho CRM from a read-only site,  This access route into your CRM was working periodically during the DDOS.