The Launch of Zoho’s Newest Application…..WorkDrive!

Nov 22, 2019 | General

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Zoho WorkDrive!

Businesses today are looking for file management rather than simple document storage.  They want multi-layer security, compliance settings and auditing capabilities.  On November 11th, Zoho launched its new unified file storage solution, called WorkDrive. WorkDrive has been introduced as an enhancement to the Zoho suite of enterprise applications that combine to create “the operating system for business”.

WorkDrive is replacing Zoho Docs, which was originally released in 2008 as a central location to store the personal documents of an individual.  Zoho Docs has been extended and reshaped over the years to serve as a more collaborative platform.  However, the launch of WorkDrive will give Zoho Docs a much-needed retirement.  It’s been designed with a focus on team collaboration and providing a single repository for all files across a user’s and company’s range of requirements.

WorkDrive highlights:

  • Integration with all Zoho services;

  • Team Folders for collaboration and sharing;

  • Image, video and document conversion services;

  • Virus scanning and encryption;

  • Facilitates unified search across applications;

  • External collaboration features.

WorkDrive is free to users on the Zoho One platform or with Zoho Workplace.  If you don’t have access already, start a WorkDrive trial – Pricing starts at $2 per user/month.

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