The Hidden Secret for Retaining Your CRM Training

Apr 11, 2015 | General

Secrets to Retaining Professional CRM Training

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How did you address training and retention when you implemented your CRM system?

Think back to when you first implemented your CRM system.

Did you view training as something that you only need to do when you start using your CRM?

How did you address issue of training your users?

Did you have a basic class and said that was enough?

Did you have one person on your team train everyone?

Did your managers get the same level of training as your end-users?

How you answered those questions determined the resulting success of your CRM implementation.

What is a bipolar learning graph?

People learn in different ways, but the way they process the actual learning process is markedly similar. People’s responses to learning situations are fairly clear and understandable. A bipolar learning graph shows where in the learning process people tend to lose focus (1). This is the critical area that they need to get through in order to gain a deeper understanding of your CRM system, and AspenTech will help them do that.

Bipolar Learning Graph

Inflection Point = When professional CRM training “clicks” with your users.

You want your team to gain mastery not only over their tasks, but also over the tools you provide to help them implement their tasks. By working with the bipolar learning graph, teachers can note when team members have reached their initial level of competence and are struggling to stay involved or confident in their abilities.

Signs and Examples of a Needed CRM Breakthrough with Training

  • Your new CSR (Customer Service Representative) has quickly adapted to your CRM. And then, as the work load picks up, suddenly, he or she seems to struggle and lose confidence in their ability to handle calls and client contacts.

  • Your sales manager was on top of her game, creating graphs and charts that explained your quarterly sales goals and actual account information. Now, when asked to dig deeper into the CRM system, she struggles to draft documents that she wants, those that offer more information that she thinks is necessary for management to review.

By helping your team members break through these rough patches with CRM training, AspenTech will help them gain confidence and a mastery over the CRM tools at their disposal.

What your users need is the click!

The short version is that the click is the moment when a person who has been working to gain a deeper understanding of a tool or task finally reaches the moment where everything comes together and it all makes sense. That person reaches the click and then moves on to mastering the tool. We’re going to explain the click in detail in our next blog post so check back here very soon!

The problem with most CRM systems, the user doesn’t know the depth and capabilities of this tool that they are using. They often hit a wall with CRM functionality and don’t break through (click) on their own.

How does AspenTech incorporate this into its CRM Training style?

By understanding how people learn, and knowing the areas where learning becomes a struggle, AspenTech can help move your team past the existing roadblocks in your CRM system and get them to a point where understanding moves from a basic level to total mastery.

An example of CRM mastery will be when your sales professionals are able to truly access all of the information available on potential clients and, with that information, determine the best possible method of approach. This leaves the potential client with a more favorable impression, because it shows that your team has truly learned about them and their needs.

What makes this better than traditional learning and teaching styles?

AspenTech believes in using every effective training methodology in order to help train its customers on Act! and Zoho CRM systems. Traditional teaching styles tend to focus on getting the information out in front of people without regard to where they are in the learning process or even how they best learn.

By incorporating the bipolar learning graph into its professional CRM training, AspenTech can stay out in front of those learners who have mastered the initial tasks and are mired in the plateau where they don’t feel as if they are learning anything.

What’s next?

Do you have the nagging feeling that your team is significantly under-utilizing your CRM system? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the lack of training a factor is your team not getting the true value out of your CRM System?
  • Was your approach to implementing your CRM system to let your users ‘learn’ the new CRM on their own, instead of having them trained? Or perhaps you provided a basic CRM class, and then let your team learn from there.
  • Are new CRM users trained by existing staff on how to use your CRM system?
  • Did your managers who oversee the CRM system do the same as their users to learn their CRM system on their own?
  • Is management lacking the CRM metrics and KPI’s to allow for proper assessment of the utilization of your CRM system?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you’re under-utilizing your CRM system, and your users have hit a wall in their CRM learning. Are you ready for a break through? Then it’s time to have a conversation with the expert CRM trainers at AspenTech Consulting Group.

(1), Forecasting confidence levels.

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