The CRM 80-20 Rule

Apr 23, 2015 | General

80-20 Rule for CRM Retention

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We’ve all heard some variation of the famous 80/20 rule:

  • That 20% of the people in any given group do 80% of the work.
  • That 80% of your revenue are due to 20% of your customers.
  • That you’ll meet 80% of your financial goals with 20% of your expenditures.
  • And so on…

But did you know that 80% of any new material will be learned in the first 20% of a person’s learning time?

What does that mean? It means two things: 1) That people will learn most of what they need to know to do a good-enough job fairly quickly; and 2) In order to obtain mastery, people need to spend a lot more time acquiring those other 20% of skills that will set them apart from most everyone else, and will generate the biggest impact on your company.

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In any business, you want to reach 100% of your goals. While 80% effectiveness on the basics may be ok, you truly want and expect more for your business and for the people who work for you.  This includes creating a CRM system and environment that helps your team obtain this goal.

How does this apply to learning and teaching CRM systems with AspenTech?

Because your team will have learned 80% of their CRM knowledge in the first 20% of their learning time, they may want to coast once they’ve hit that point. Obviously, it’s a good feeling to learn things quickly. But it can make mastering a subject more difficult. If you’ve already reached 80% mastery in 20% of the time, what is the motivation to spend the next 80% of your learning environment focusing on the 20% you still haven’t learned?

Why 80% Is Good…But Not Good Enough

Imagine a sales professional in your organization who is operating at an 80% effective call back rate or only giving 80% of their talent during sales.   How effective would this be for your organization?  Or what if your support team were only responding to 80% of the support inquiries?

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To become an elite organization that truly leverages your CRM system, each team member needs to adopt the mindset of overall excellence.  Hands-on professional CRM training offers solace for team members who feel they’re on an island when it comes to the tactical use of your CRM system.  It is this exact guidance, repetition, knowledge, and expertise that gives your team the confidence to go from 80% to 100% effectiveness.

The Pursuit of CRM Excellence

Your CRM platform was built for your business. Why not ensure that your team is operating beyond the usual 80/20 ratio?  Why not go for 100%?

Contact AspenTech today to discuss how to move your team members far beyond just average users of your CRM system.

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