Team CRM: Increase Your Customer Satisfaction

Apr 25, 2018 | General

Team CRM: Increase Your Customer Satisfaction

Regardless of what you are selling or to whom you are selling – businesses or individual consumers – customer satisfaction is the key to your success. And your CRM should be the equation that adds all your teams together to serve and support your customers.

There are three main parts to your customer relationship – pre-sale, sale/fulfillment, and post-sale. Let’s take a look at how your CRM supports each one:

Customer Satisfaction: Pre-sale

This is the decision-making stage for your prospects. Remember, none of these folks are customers – yet. The way you communicate now will give your prospect confidence… or scare them away. Does your CRM allow your sales and marketing team to understand each prospect’s stage in the pre-sale process? If your process requires one-to-one selling, do your salespeople have up-to-the-minute information about the latest quote the prospect received? If you are using direct marketing to sell products, is the information displayed about costs, shipping, coupons, etc., all clear and correct? Is the order process simple and does your CRM keep track of where each customer is in the pre-sale funnel?

Customer Satisfaction: Sale and order fulfillment

Once you’ve made the sale, correct fulfillment of the order is critical. This starts with notifying your customer of exactly what they can expect and when. Your CRM system should be set up to automate that communication ensuring your customer knows what the status of their purchase is.

Next, ensure the invoice is clear and correct. Confirm that your CRM features instantly update inventory tracking, giving you total control over the movement, depletion, and re-ordering of products. With warehouse inventory management at your fingertips, you want to easily check stock levels, manage inter-warehouse transfer, and generate specific warehouse reports instantly. Set alerts to flag any issues in the order fulfillment process.

If you are selling services, project management features should track the completion of key tasks and keep all team members aware of the status of any project.

Customer Satisfaction: Post-sale support and follow-up

There’s no such thing as a perfect product or service – sometimes the customer needs extra help or support. Make it simple for them with 24/7 access to their account and order information. If you are selling an online product, your CRM should enable remote computer access for customer service representatives.

Don’t take your satisfied customers for granted – you’ve worked hard to close the sale, and we all know that repeat business is far more profitable than churning through new prospects. Keep in touch by email and automatically alert the sales team when it’s time for personal contact.

In addition to managing your customer touch-points, your CRM can help you stay tuned to what is being said about your business on social media, with instant notifications that allow you to respond and engage with your audience of customers and prospects.

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