Team CRM: Hone Your Marketing Department’s Aim

Apr 11, 2018 | General

Team CRM: Hone Your Marketing Department’s Aim

Successful CRM systems factor the requirements of all the departments that touch your customers. This ‘team sport’ approach will ensure the success of your CRM system. In this article, another in our Team CRM series, we’ll focus on your marketing team and look at how a well implemented CRM can increase that team’s effectiveness.

Your Marketing Team is your communications hub. They create the information your prospects need to make their purchasing decisions, and feed leads to your sales department. They market your product through a myriad of outlets, and must have concrete, reliable data to ensure the most profitable sources are used. Marketing requires a CRM that effectively and accurately integrates email marketing, social media, and activity tracking in order to measure and improve their success.

Key CRM functionality for your marketing team:

  • Keep your marketing organized. From trade shows to customer conferences to advertising and email, you need a single place to set budgets, assign tasks, and measure your campaigns. Run campaigns, qualify leads, and pass them to sales – all using your CRM.

  • Nurture and track leads. Using CRM-integrated email drip campaigns, invite prospects to learn more about how your products meet their needs, schedule appointments, visit your trade show booth, and buy products. Track email opens, clicks, and bounces, and forward “hot” leads to sales automatically.

  • Target campaigns to increase engagement. Everything you need to know about your leads, prospects and customers should be in your CRM. Make sure you can access this information to tailor email campaigns and sales efforts to their needs, improving your results.

  • Instant campaign results. With details about campaign performance and response of specific prospects, learn how effective your promotions are with immediate information available within your CRM. Tailor further contact and sales calls with accurate prospect data.

  • Build forms and campaigns without programming. You want a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows anyone on the marketing team to quickly create effective emails and landing pages. Don’t waste time programming when visual formatting makes it easy.

  • Measure your ad campaigns. Combine sales data with online ad spending, such as Google AdWords, so you know exactly which ads are leading you to customers. Spend your money where it really counts and improve your advertising ROI.

  • Bridge online conversions with offline sales. Even when sales are closed in person or on the phone after weeks of nurturing, conversion data can be automatically related to AdWords. This improves automated ad bidding and ensures superior performance of your ad dollars.

  • Invest in your best campaigns. With detailed statistics that combine AdWords analytics and CRM sales revenue data, you’ll know which ads and keywords are working best.

Is your Marketing Team armed with the information they need to effectively communicate with your customers and sales team? If not, let AspenTech CRM review your current data management set up and work with you to create a system that will make all your business processes work for you – and your customers and clients. We’re here for you, and ready to get started today. Contact us at (866) 880-4228 or click here to schedule a call to talk about your specific situation.

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