Team CRM: Arm Management with Reliable Data

Apr 18, 2018 | General

Team CRM: Arm Management with Reliable Data

Our Team CRM series explores the CRM capabilities you need to ensure your customer data management positively influences and informs your business. In this installment, we’ll review how a properly managed CRM can support various levels of management with actionable analysis.

Key CRM capabilities for your management team:

  • Ability to share accounts among territories and identify the most profitable regions, enabling you to better allocate and shift resources as necessary.

  • Up-to- date dashboards including closed deals and sales forecasts by territory. Identify and reward the teams that are most successful and support those that need extra guidance.

  • Sales funnel analysis lets you see where leads are entering – and where they are exiting – giving you the ability to specifically address holes in your sales process.

  • Stop the sales admin guesswork with easy-to-implement workflow automation rules that assign accounts automatically, keeping the sales pipeline flowing to the correct team members. Sales management can instantly see where customers are flowing and can adjust based on volume.

  • Easily manage sales rep, customer service or support turnover with global territory and task management functions that shift accounts, opportunities, and cases to different sales and support reps, seamlessly transferring responsibilities.

  • Interactive reports and dashboards that give you a clear understanding of your sales. Make smarter executive decisions with insights on territory-wide sales activities.

  • Product management having access to cases to understand any product defects, support trends and future requests that could lead to improved products and services.

  • Customizable lead sources and metrics focus on the information most important to you.

  • Integration of different apps used across the company to avoid data silos. Synthesized information from all sources gives you a complete view of your business.

  • Cross-functional analysis that allows you to compare marketing campaign stats with sales reports and adjust the marketing plan according to the data.

  • Customer service manager capable of seeing which of their people are the most efficient at closing cases, have the ability to monitor escalations and have insight on cases that exceed the expected time to close.

  • Permission levels that allow sales reps to see their own performance charts while sales managers can see all data about a territory.

  • Extensive financial analysis of administrative costs and COGs, first time vs. renewed business, and revenue lifecycle gives you the tools you need to make sound decisions.

  • C-Level dashboards that are designed to monitor relevant leading indicators such as changes in lead generation, new opportunity creation, and pipeline value enable spotting of future issues which can result in a proactive approach to managing the business

Overall reporting features, such as personalized dashboards, should allow each user to create the analysis most important to their job function. Look for in-system report creation tools that make it easy with charts, pivot tables, tabular view components, and customizable KPI widgets. Other features might include the ability to embed static or interactive live reports within your intranet, and data point analysis that allows you to dig deeper into a number with just a click of the mouse.

A CRM with the above capabilities will create a strong competitive advantage. The CRM system will help you create repeatable successful processes. It will help you look to the future, make your business more efficient and increase revenue. Is your current CRM delivering on these capabilities?

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