Defining CRM Value Series – 4 of 4 – Target The Right Marketing With Act! and Zoho CRM

Jan 5, 2015 | General

Target Marketing With Act! and Zoho CRM

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Successful companies ask these tough questions about how they identify and takeover target markets:

  • Are you reaching your customers at the right time…for them?
  • How can you tell that your sales professionals are making their best efforts with relevant information?
  • Let’s say you’re interested in presenting a limited time offer to a specific client segment.  Can your staff collate the information about your clients’ sales histories to determine who would be best approached with this offer?
  • Do you know which client would be best served by your latest product?
  • Can you track how effective your emarketing campaigns have been?

These are difficult questions to answer when your customer information is stored by individual and spread across the organization.  With a CRM system like Act! or Zoho, you have all the customer information you need, in one spot, readily available.

Meaningful Intelligence Gathering

Say, for example, you want to find out the success of your most recent emarketing campaign.  Zoho CRM and Act! CRM have that information available.  Here are some real examples:

  • If your last email broadcast did not receive the response rate you expected, you will be able to see why – which clients didn’t open the email, which clients did open your targeted email, and those that did but chose not to respond.
  • You can cross-reference the date of the email broadcast, where each customer is in your sales cycle, and the best time with which to contact them.

Relevant Results Through Targeted Marketing

You hate wasting time – your own, that of your sales team, and your clients’. With Act! and Zoho CRM systems your company is able to utilize specific target marketing segmentation to create directed marketing activities that launch directly from your CRM system.

  • No more wasting your time to trying to figure out what your clients are looking for.
  • No more wasting your sales reps’ time with endless calls and ineffective marketing efforts.
  • No more wasting your clients’ time with messaging that doesn’t interest them.

When A Qualified Customer Expects Your Phone Call

How much would the sales of your organization increase if your prospective customers were eager to speak with a member of your sales team BEFORE they picked up the phone?

By having customer contact information, sales history, and rate of response stored in a CRM database reports generated by custom variables and selections quickly reveal the best approach to target your clients with the right material.

Instead of generating generic marketing efforts that customers receive from your competitors, you can determine what specific attributes to focus on in order to achieve the results you need.  For example, with Act! and Zoho CRM systems you can segment and use data in any and all of the following ways:

  • Sales per billing cycle
  • Cost analysis
  • Performance goals
  • Target monthly, quarterly, annual numbers
  • Industry standards

With these types of recorded metrics in place your marketing messages will be based custom, focused data that takes into account your clients and their needs.

By targeting your marketing messages, your company will be able to strengthen its relationships with current and potential clients without bombarding them with irrelevant offerings like the competition.

Be different.  Be focused.  Be targeted.

Start today with an exploration of what an Act! CRM System or Zoho CRM System can do for your organization.

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