Social Media and Your CRM

May 2, 2018 | General

There’s no question that social media plays a major part in the sales process for many people. Online referrals, personal contacts, and reviews are playing key roles in your prospect’s purchasing decisions. Your CRM should be capable of being as social as your sales process.

When you can combine the power of social media into your selling process, you can build better, stronger relationships, identify prospects sooner and close deals faster. Here are some of the features you can expect to find in today’s CRM:

Mobile monitoring

Build social media presence for your products and services from your mobile devices. Share photos, interactions with customers, and jump into relevant conversations with apps that keep moving with you.

Social dashboard 

Manage and respond in real time to social conversations on a wide variety of platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Get an alert when your prospects are posting, and respond on the spot, engaging more fully with your customer, building trust, and selling more.

New leads 

Keep on top of what people are saying about you or your competitors using keyword tracking. Add leads manually or automatically, or set triggers to automatically add social media leads based on interaction and source.

Listening streams

Follow relevant groups and specific people by filtering out the noise and viewing just the content of interest to you. Another way to stay tuned to what people are saying about your business, use instant notifications so you can quickly respond and engage.

Get notified

Choose from real-time social media updates or batched notifications. Automatically tag your social pages and handles so you can track and respond to the information stream your prospects are seeing.

Learn what matters 

As you read live updates from your prospects, you’ll learn what really matters to them about your products or services. Use this social context to help you nurture your relationships and close the sale faster.

Know when to act 

A fully integrated social CRM includes a prediction engine that allows you to pinpoint the best time to schedule your content – when your audience is most likely to see it and most able to respond.

Intra-social media

Your CRM should offer collaboration apps that allow you to create groups within the company to discuss reports, tag specific team members for notification or feedback, and work together to come up with better solutions and more sales.

Your CRM should offer you an actionable context for your social media interactions. Tracking each contacts social media history offers your salespeople another venue for connecting with your prospects. With up-to-the-minute information, you won’t miss out on tweets and posts that are relevant to your business.

AspenTech CRM has worked with hundreds of companies to find and implement a CRM system that turns social media from headache to solid gold. Get in touch with us today at (866) 880-4228 or here and let’s create the perfect CRM to meet all your unique business needs – including social media.

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