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Aug 20, 2020 | General

When meeting face to face isn’t an option any longer…

Digital signing with Zoho Sign

Many of us remember not long ago that contracts and documents were printed and passed around in order to ensure everyone was on the same page with projects and services. Physical copies of important documents are becoming increasingly rare in a digital world, and even when we have them, we likely need to store them digitally.

To save time and promote efficiency (and BONUS, save money & trees), we can use electronic signature platforms to not only sign digital documents ourselves, but we can also send digital documents to request signatures/authorization. Zoho’s solution to signing digitally is Zoho Sign

Are vendors/clients/customers sending you documents to sign but they are not on Zoho? That is no problem! You can still use Zoho Sign to complete your portion of the document.  By simply uploading a PDF of your document, you can digitally sign and send it back to them.  Not only that, but once you’ve applied your digital signature to a document, Zoho Sign tracks your document through the signature process from beginning to end!

Those of you utilizing Zoho CRM gain additional functionality when integrating Zoho Sign with your Zoho CRM. A button is placed directly on your Contact’s record:



Integration with Zoho Sign is designed to help you close deals faster by reducing turnaround time! Upon successful integration, digital documents within your CRM can be sent for signature directly to a contact. Signed documents are automatically attached to CRM records in the Related List area, as shown here! 


Digital signatures collected via Zoho Sign are legally valid; Zoho Sign meets the compliance standards in e-sign laws from the United States, Canada and the European Union. For more information or to check specific country validity, please visit here.


It’s simple and easy! For streamlined business processes, integrate Zoho Sign, with your Zoho CRM account. For more information, Click here.

To consult with one of our Zoho experts at AspenTech CRM, please call 734/455-7188 or send us an email at We would be happy to help you!   

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