Save Time with an Efficient CRM Dashboard

Jul 18, 2018 | General

Save Time with an Efficient CRM Dashboard

Are you still using the pre-packaged default dashboard on your CRM? If so, you aren’t alone – most people don’t understand the value of individualized, custom CRM dashboards, and how much time they can save. This is directly related to the “3 Rights” we wrote about previously.

CRM Dashboard Key Benefits

Forbes noted “5 key benefits of executive dashboards” which we’ve summarized here:

  1. Visibility: Better management comes from better visibility into key business metrics.
  2. On-going improvements: Understanding your metrics allows you to make and measure improvement over time.
  3. Time savings: Quick access to select metrics saves you from having to sift through a lot of data.
  4. Judge performance against your plan: A well-planned dashboard will compare actual metrics with your plan and budget.
  5. Employee performance improvements: See individual and team performance in key areas and hone in on training and focus areas.

Forbes went on to note that the two key challenges to building custom dashboards was “what” and “how” – what metrics to track and how to create and implement the dashboard. As we noted in this article on Segmentation, your business goals are critical in defining your segmentation and building your CRM. If you have followed that process, the data you need to take advantage of Forbes’ 5 key benefits may already exist in your CRM.

CRM Dashboard Requirements 

With the right CRM, tracking your metrics and creating your dashboard should be simple. Here are some options you should look for when selecting a CRM:

  • Drag & drop interface that allows individual users to build their own custom dashboard – without the help of someone from IT.
  • Access to a wide variety of components, including widgets, charts, pivot tables, KPIs, and viewing options for comparing data in various table formats.
  • Ability to collaborate with others on dashboard creation, share your dashboard insights with others you select, and view from a variety of online platforms.
  • Schedule automatic emails of your dashboards. Easy offline access to exported files or clear, well-formatted print versions.
  • Analytical support with extensive mathematical and statistical functions allowing you to build new calculations and fine-tune formulas and insights.
  • Easy access to dashboards from any device – PCs, tablets, mobile. Display your dashboards on the big screen to give your stakeholders the information they need to move forward with confidence.

If your executive CRM dashboard could use an update, let’s see what we can do to pull all the data you need together in one place. Since 1994, AspenTech CRM has worked extensively with hundreds of companies to create clarity from confusion – contact us today (call 866-880-4228 or click here) to get started.

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