Sage ACT! Mobile Solutions

Feb 7, 2012 | General

Larry Ritter, Sage Act! SVP & GM, recently was a guest columnist for CNBC discussing five great reasons businesses should integrate mobile solutions into their repertoire.   With the ever-increasing selection of powerful mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) more and more businesses want to ensure they’ll be able to leverage the power of these devices when their users are on the go.  We have great news for our Act! users…  The solutions are aplenty!  Below is the range of options available to you as of today and it seems that new solutions are being added monthly.  As your trusted Act! advisors, you aren’t in this alone.  We’re here to help determine which mobility solution will work best for you and your sales team.  When you’re ready to take advantage of the mobile solutions available for your Act! users, get in touch with Marshall or Greg!

Native Sage Act! Mobile Solutions


Sage Act! Premium for Web (free with Sage Act! Premium) – Any Act! users on the “premium” tier of the product may install Sage Act! Premium for Web.  Although not supported on mobile browsers at this time, you can access your company’s Act! Web site live and can navigate through your database on a limited basis.

Sage Act! Premium Mobile (free with Sage Act! Premium 2012) – Expected to be released as a free update to Act! Premium 2012 in the spring of 2012, this mobile version of Act! Premium For Web will be a fully supported HTML5 client for mobile browsers.  This will give end-users direct access to their Act! database via the browser on their smartphone or tablet through an interface designed specifically for those mobile devices.  No syncing; the database is available live over the web to your device.   Best of all, this will be included for all users currently on Sage Act! Premium 2012.

Sage Act! Connect ($70/user/year) – Similar to Sage Act! Premium Mobile, this re-launched product will have HTML5 access designed for mobile browsers.   For users who don’t have the infrastructure to host their own website or don’t care to upgrade to Sage Act! Premium, this is a great solution.

Third-Party Solutions


LogMeIn Ignition ($30/user) – LogMeIn Ignition gives you remote access to a PC in your office with ability to access any application (including Act!) on that PC via the iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

CompanionLink ($80/user) – CompanionLink synchronizes your Act! contacts and calendar to a variety of sources which ultimately can sync to the native Address Book and Calendar on mobile devices.  For this solution we recommend one-way sync only from Act! to the handheld.

HandHeld Contact ($179/user/year) – HandHeld Contact synchronizes your Act! data to a separate application on your mobile device.  iPhones, iPads, Blackberries and Windows Mobile devices are all currently supported.  We expect to see support for Android devices soon.