Sage ACT! 2011 Top Ten – Part 2

Sep 13, 2010 | General

One of the key reasons any company chooses Act! for their contact management solution is to increase their team’s productivity.   The enhancements to Sage Act! 2011 continue to give users significant productivity boost and the ROI business needs today.  Out last post covered our first five  meaty Act! 2011 enhancements.  Our next five on the list carry some kick as well.

6. Small Business Information Service for Act! (SBIS). This is Sage branded access to Hoovers, a division of Dunn and Bradstreet. While you may not need all 65 million companies and 85 million people in Hoovers, I’m sure there may be a few that are interested in what you have to sell! Now you can search for the companies that match your perfect client profile and import those leads and their contacts directly into Sage Act!. All users can take advantage of some Hoovers data. To take full advantage of SBIS, including the import capability, it will require a separate monthly subscription for at least one user.  Still, this will save you time and money in lead generation.

7. Global administration settings. Act! has answered a need that clients have been clamoring for – the  ability to implement global settings.  This includes turning off history creation when a user sends another user an email; preventing files and/or emails from being attached to the database and more.

8. Sage E-marketing for Act! enhancements. E-marketing was incorporated into Act! 2010. With the Act! 2011 release, users will get some very useful improvements. Let’s start with E-marketing now being integrated with Smart Tasks. Imported templates can now be edited. Templates can be published as landing pages and much more. Look for a follow up post on Sage E-marketing soon.

9. Filter history tab by History Type.  If you have ever wanted to filter a contact’s history by a specific History Type, such as “Calls” or even more granular, “Call Completed” you will love this time saver.

10. Support for Firefox.  For those of you who have switched to Firefox from Internet Explorer, you’ll enjoy having use of your Firefox with Act! 2011.

Well there are many more enhancements that have been incorporated into Sage Act! 2011, but we’ve hit on the highlights.  Again, let us know if you would like more information on any of these features and how to leverage them in your business.