Sage ACT! 2011 SP1 Hotfix 4 Now Available

May 20, 2011 | General

Hot Fix 4 for Sage Act! 2011 SP1 is now available for download. This hot fix addresses several reported issues found in Sage Act! 2011 SP1. For information and download instructions for Hot Fix 4, please see the following Knowledgebase article:

How to Download and Apply Sage Act! 2011 SP1 Hot Fix 4

Sage Act! 2011 SP1 hot fixes are cumulative, so Hot Fix 4 includes the benefits of all earlier hot fixes for this version. You do not need to apply the earlier hot fixes before applying Hot Fix 4. However, in order to apply Hot Fix 4, you must have already applied the Sage Act! 2011 SP1 update. Details can be found in the Knowledgebase article referenced above.