Sage ACT! 2011 – Smart Tasks Automate Processes

Aug 17, 2010 | General

Knowledgeable users of Act! know that, when used correctly, you can get much more done with Act! than without.  The introduction of Smart Tasks in Sage Act! 2011, gives us a break out tool that will unlevel the playing field.

For years our clients have been asking for a tool that would use logic to automate tasks.  An example might be to automatically send a renewal email 45 days before the expiration of a service warranty contact.  Or have Act! automatically schedule a call when you haven’t touched a top client’s record in 60 days.  Smart Tasks in Sage Act! 2011 now does that and much more.

The ideas are just starting to flow on how to use Smart Tasks.  Check out these blogs on Sage’s site.  Liz Hendon, a respected colleague has also written an interesting blog on some creative uses of Smart Tasks.

The technology behind Smart Tasks is Microsoft® Windows® Workflow Foundation.  With this strong foundation, the potential for Smart Tasks is all on the up side.

Look for more posts on the potential for Smart Tasks.  Let us hear from you on your ideas for what you would like to automate.